Mission, Vision & Values

Indiana University Health West Hospital Mission

Reflecting the mission of Indiana University Health, Indiana University Health West Hospital's mission is to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service.

IU Health West Hospital Vision

The vision that guides IU Health is as follows: "We will lead the transformation of healthcare through quality, innovation and education, and make Indiana one of the nation’s healthiest states."

IU Health West Hospital offers patients and their families a true healing environment, where every measure is taken to provide a peaceful sanctuary for all who enter, be it for diagnostic tests, surgery or to deliver a baby.

The hospital is a partner with local communities, providing wellness outreach programs, meeting space --  even on-campus walking trails for reflection and fitness.

IU Health West Hospital is designed to celebrate and enhance IU Health West Hospital's core values, which include:

  • A patient's total care, including mind, body and spirit
  • Excellence in education for healthcare providers
  • Quality of care and respect for life
  • Charity, equality and justice in healthcare
  • Leadership in health promotion and wellness
  • Excellence in research
  • An internal community of mutual trust and respect

The mission and vision of IU Health West Hospital are brought to life through the following operating principles:

Sanctuary of Healing

By championing patient choice and relationship-centered care, we will create a unique healing environment for patients and their families. We will create a workplace of renewal and self-awareness for our dedicated healthcare professionals.

Knowledge-Driven Care

Utilizing advanced technology and resources, we will provide timely, appropriate care to our patients. We will encourage continuing education and advancement for our staff.

Patient Safety

As a highly reliable organization committed to the goals of continuous performance improvement, we will strive daily to utilize technology and knowledge-driven care to achieve error-free operation, including medication administration.

Service Excellence

We will provide our patients with a remarkable experience through outstanding service and attention to detail, via our commitment to relationship-centered care and patient-friendly accommodations such as bedside registration, on-demand meals and concierge service, and to maintaining the building's on-stage/off-stage design parameters.

Measured Performance

We will provide measurable clinical and fiscal outcomes as defined by internal standards, patient needs and community expectations.