Defining Quality

Reflecting the mission of Indiana University Health, IU Health West Hospital's mission is to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service.

Consistent with our mission, IU Health West Hospital has adopted the following definition of quality:

"Quality, it is the patient-centered, actively perceived degree and manner (safe, effective, timely) to which health services provided increase the probability of desired health outcomes, consistent with the best current professional knowledge."

Each and every caregiver at IU Health West Hospital- from the CEO on - will promote and continuously measure, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care provided within our health care environment ... and help ensure that our patients experience a healing sanctuary environment in which safety is at the forefront of awareness.

IU Health West Hospital has identified five key quality characteristics. These characteristics help to shape our healing sanctuary environment, and define our commitment to our patients and their safety. While receiving care at IU Health West Hospital, you and your loved ones may expect:

  • No needless deaths
  • No needless pain
  • No helplessness
  • No unwanted waiting
  • No waste of resources