Our goal is to help get patients to the right specialist, at the right time, while offering a streamlined process and timely communication with patients and their primary care physicians.

Our physiatrist works in tandem with imaging services and rehabilitation services, as well as pain management, orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery specialists to ensure the highest quality of care, excellent outcomes and long-term results.

The physiatrist and the Care Guide function as a single contact point for patients: coordinating imaging, lab and therapy appointments, as well as any interactions with physician specialists that may be necessary. Our team at the Back & Neck Center at IU Health West  handles the legwork - communicating updates and results, and seeking collaboration with the patient's referring physician as needed to provide the most complete care and the smoothest transition back to a primary physician's care following treatment.

The Back & Neck Center at IU Health West treats a broad spectrum of spine ailments, including:

  • Patients with new onset neck/arm or back/leg pain for evaluation and definitive management
  • Patients with studies (MRI, CT, EMG) with significant abnormalities
  • Patients with painful compression fractures
  • Patients with metastitic disease to the spine
  • Patients with significant exacerbation of chronic neck or back pain
  • Patients with symptoms of neurogenic claudication
  • Patients with spine deformity including scoliosis, kyphosis and spondylolisthesis
  • Patients who have been offered a surgical procedure for the spine and desire a second opinion