Our goal is to take you from the discovery of a lump to diagnosis within 72 hours. For all patients, time is of the essence to either receive the peace of mind that a lump is benign, or to begin the cancer treatment planning process with our team.

Our mammography suite is located in the Women's Center at Indiana University Health West - a convenient, intimate space designed to help put you at ease. You'll park just steps away from the door, and find our women's diagnostics center right inside. There, you'll find caregivers dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible.


Imaging Services at IU Health West includes mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and stereotactic biopsy.

All imaging is digital, which means our physicians get the clearest, most accurate view to make a diagnosis. It also means our team of on-site radiologists may consult immediately and in real time with IU Health and IU School of Medicine sub-specialists - additional expertise available to our patients without an additional exam or appointment. On-site pathologists are available to assess biopsies and provide comprehensive reports to the patient and their physician, often during the same visit.


There is no single, best breast cancer treatment plan - courses of treatment can and should be tailored to your individual needs. By understanding you and understanding your disease, our team can map out the optimal treatment or combination of treatments for you.

At IU Health West Hospital, the full spectrum of breast cancer treatment options are available, including:

  • Surgery to remove cancerous tissue. Our surgeons are recognized experts in breast surgery, and our Surgical Services department is truly state-of-the-art, utilizing innovative techniques such as music therapy to create an atmosphere that is soothing and relaxing. Our medical staff also includes some of west central Indiana's finest plastic surgeons, available to perform reconstructive procedures in tandem with the surgical removal of the cancer.
  • Radiation therapy. IU Health West Hospital utilizes the latest technology available for treatment. Lead leaves in the treatment machine, called a linear accelerator, help guide the radiation on the most narrow course possible, affecting the cancer cells while protecting surrounding, healthy tissue.
  • Medical oncology. Medical oncology treatment, including chemotherapy, hormonal and other cutting-edge biological treatments administered by specially-trained, expert nurses, is available to patients in a quiet, private setting at IU Health West Hospital,or can be coordinated at off-site facilities closer to home.


The Rehabilitation Services at Indiana University Health West offers patients a comprehensive physical therapy program that includes both pre and post-treatment techniques to help patients prepare their bodies for surgery or other treatments, and to recover as quickly and completely as possible. In fact, the department has developed a program specifically for the prevention and treatment of lymphedema, a post-operative swelling of the arms following some cancer surgery procedures.

In addition, we can help you access services you may need to help ease your recovery - everything from beauty services to bra fittings, from social services to spa treatments.

Cancer Care Guide

At IU Health West Hospital, breast cancer treatment is a journey you will not take alone. In addition to the support of our entire team, our Cancer Care Guide will help guide you every step of the way. By coordinating your visits with specialists, your lab tests and imaging exams, the Care Guide's role is to provide you with a single point of contact from the moment we partner with you for discovery and diagnosis, until the day every element of your treatment and recovery is complete.

Building a relationship with you is important to us. Only you know how you are feeling, how your body is responding to your cancer treatment and how treatment is affecting your daily life. It is our responsibility to ensure that the care you are receiving is as complete and comprehensive as possible. Through the Cancer Care Guide, and all other members of our team, you can feel free to express yourself, ask questions and seek the advice you need to make decisions important to you and your family.

Lymphedema Treatment Program

Lymphedema is a progressive disease process involving an abnormal accumulation of protein-rich fluid and water in the tissues. The result? An increase in limb volume and discomfort.

The most common cause of lymphedema in the United States is breast cancer surgery. In surgeries involving areas where the lymph nodes are located (axilla or groin), the doctor must cut through some of the lymphatic collectors that run to the nodes. The chance of lymphedema developing increases even more if lymph nodes are removed. In addition to surgery, the most common causes of lymphedema include radiation, infections, trauma or other cancers.

IU Health West Hospital offers a comprehensive Lymphedema Treatment Program through the Rehabilitation Services department to treat those affected by lymphedema. Treatment may consist of daily visits, which could include specialized massage, bandaging, exercise, skin care treatment and education and compression garment fitting.