Women’s Center


Women are at the heart of health care for their families - encouraging and facilitating care for children, spouses and even aging parents. Who do they often overlook? Themselves.

The Women's Center at Indiana University Health West provides women with the specialized care and attention they deserve - all under one roof. The Women's Center at IU Health West has its own parking lot, entrance and lobby area for the most convenient access possible. Moms in labor can be dropped off right at the door (during business hours), so care may begin immediately upon arrival.

The full continuum of care for women of all ages is provided at the Women's Center at IU Health West. For example, a patient is able to see her physician for her annual exam, as well as make an appointment with a breast specialist for a follow-up mammogram. Another is able to enroll in childbirth education classes, then deliver her baby in a setting that encourages her to create her ideal birth experience. Still another woman may see a specialist about urinary incontinence, and then go on to take advantage of additional services offered at IU Health West Hospital. All of this in one, convenient location that is close to home.