Dermatologists at Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic skin disorders. We offer diagnostic evaluations, emergency consultations and advanced therapy options.

Our dermatologists treat common skin problems, including:

  • Acne. Our dermatologists help clear up your acne using a variety of treatments, such as prescription-strength retinoid medicines and antibiotics.
  • Dry skin. Treatments for dry skin include topical medicines, anti-itch medicines and systemic immunosuppressant medicines. Treatment also involves changes in your diet as well as fabrics and other substances that touch your skin.
  • Fungal infections. Our dermatologists treat fungal infections using targeted antifungal medicines.
  • Moles. Most moles do not require treatment. Our dermatologists will surgically remove a mole that could become or is cancerous. Moles that are bothersome or prone to damage from ordinary activities are removed by shaving them off in a minor procedure.
  • Psoriasis. Our dermatologists use powerful topical treatments, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy or corticosteroids to treat psoriasis. For large plaques and psoriatic arthritis, we often use systemic drugs that work throughout your body.
  • Sun allergies. We treat sun allergies with medicines or UV light therapy.
  • Warts. Our dermatologists can remove warts with excision, liquid nitrogen, electrosurgery, chemicals and/or immunotherapy.

Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital Dermatology specialists also treat rare and complicated conditions, including pre-cancerous conditions and skin cancer.

For pediatric patients, the physicians at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health have the expertise to treat infants, children, adolescents and young adults with all types of skin disorders.

Working in partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine, we conduct on-going dermatologic research and clinical trials. Our patients have access to the latest treatments and technologies for dermatologic care.