Make Your Stay Easier

Convenient Services & Amenities

At Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital, our goal is to do everything we can to make you and your guests feel safe and comfortable while you are in our care. Below are some of the many services available to you and your family during your stay.


Our team of guest relations representatives and hospital volunteers will be happy to get you a wheelchair when you arrive at the hospital. Please ask any of our team members for assistance or visit the nearest Information Desk.

Places to Eat in the Hospital

We know that good nutrition helps heal the body, so there are a variety of dining options available for patients, families and guests at IU Health White Memorial Hospital.

Garden Café
Features soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, grilled items and hot entrees.
Open daily, 6 am – 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. 

* = Chef's Choice, () = estimated calories/svg

September 28, Saturday

*Baked Steak (322)
*Oven Brown Potatoes (127)
*Broccoli (32)
Side Salad (54)
Pear Halves (65)

September 29, Sunday

*Meatloaf (394)
*Cheezey Potatoes (214)
*Glazed Carrots (104)
Peach Halves (58)

September 30, Monday

Lunch Soup: Vegetable Beef Soup (62)
*Rst. Sliced Turkey ~ Gravy (137)
*Sweet Potato Crisp (277)
*Scalloped Cabbage (67)
Waldorf Salad (240)
Harvard Beets (89), Yogurt Parfaits (278)
Sloppy Joe/Bun (362) & Spudsters (150)

October 1, Tuesday

Lunch Soup: Broccoli (195)
*Grilled Beef Steak w/ mushrooms (354)
*Baked Beans (191)
*Cauliflower (22)
Chiffon Salad (196)
Pumpkin Pie (438)

October 2, Wednesday

*Spaghetti & Meatsauce (584)
*Italian Green Beans (45)
Side Salad (54)
Apricots (65)
Bread Stick (189)

October 3, Thursday

*Rst. Sliced Beef ~ Gravy, Manhatten (315)
*Mashed Potatoes (91)
*Spinach (40)
Pinapple Tidbits (58)
Cottage Cheese (90)
Yogurt Parfaits (278)

October 4, Friday

Lunch Soup: Cream of Potato Soup
*Oven Fried Chicken (337)
*Mashed Potatoes ~ Gravy (144)
*Prince Charles Vegetables (46)
Broccoli Salald (228)
Strawberries & Bananas (113)

October 5, Saturday

*Grilled Pork ~ Gravy (276)
*Stuffing (363)
*Asian Vegetables (38)
Frosted Peach Mold (126)
Celery Sticks ~ PB (134)

October 6, Sunday

*Turkey Pot Roast (119)
*Mashed Potatoes (91)
Capri Vegetables (46)

If you would like to get a breath of fresh air, there are many restaurants nearby. Please visit the Welcome Desk for a full listing of dining options near the hospital and to get directions.

Room Service

With IU Health White Memorial Hospital’s room service, you can choose daily what and when you want to eat. You may order meals from a menu that includes many delicious and healthy choices, all freshly prepared by IU Health White Memorial chefs. You are served breakfast at 8 am, lunch at noon and dinner at 5 pm. In special situations, your meal may be delayed due to a scheduled test or treatment.

Similar to hotel room service, you choose from a menu and then dial ext. 400 from your hospital room phone. A member of our food and nutrition team will place the order and confirm any diet restrictions. If your doctor changes your diet needs, the operator can check this information on the computer. Then, your meal is delivered directly to you, usually within 45 minutes of the order.

A complimentary meal tray is provided for the caregiver of hospitalized infants and children up to age 12. Guests may purchase lunch and dinner in the Garden Café or have a tray sent to your room. There is a charge for guest trays.

IU Health White Memorial Hospital Room Service
Open daily, 10 am – 6:30 pm

Internet Services

IU Health White Memorial Hospital is pleased to provide free Wi-Fi for you and your visitors. The wireless network is available 24/7 in all areas of our hospital. Please note that IU Health cannot provide technical help for your device or help you connect to the network.

Mail Services

Incoming Mail
Patients may receive mail while staying at IU Health White Memorial Hospital. Anyone who sends mail to a patient should address the envelope as follows:

Patient name, unit and room number
IU Health White Memorial Hospital
720 S. Sixth St.
Monticello, IN 47960

If you receive mail after you leave, we will forward it to your home address.


Flowers and gifts may be delivered to the Welcome Desk just inside the main entrance at IU Health White Memorial Hospital. Latex deliveries will not be accepted. Hospital volunteers deliver these items on weekdays to patient rooms.

Hours for Accepting Deliveries
Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

Deliveries for Non-Disclosure Patients
Some patients choose to keep their stay in the hospital private. If you have asked us to not tell anyone that you are here by registering as a “non-disclosure” or “no information” patient, our team cannot say that you are a patient at the hospital. However, if a florist has your hospital room number, we can accept flower deliveries and bring them to your room.

Tell Us About Your Experience

Listening to our patients and their families helps us understand their experiences at IU Health White Memorial Hospital so we can serve them even better. We encourage patients and their families to take a moment to provide feedback and suggestions for how we could improve our service.