Healing Garden

The Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital Healing Garden is located off the main lobby of the hospital. It allows patients and visitors a place to relax, reflect and connect in a place of solitude while taking in the healing elements of nature.

The Healing Garden is a place of quiet meditation. Visitors can experience over 111 square feet of therapeutic landscaping nestled in an alcove sheltered by three sides of the building. The garden is accessible off the main lobby as well as off of Cancer Services.Treatment rooms overlook the healing garden. IU Health White Memorial Hospital Cancer Services patients have the option to access their own private patio within the Healing Garden to receive treatment outside.

Studies show that natural environments can have a positive effect on patients. Creating a place with elements that represent life and health, features that stimulate the senses and the feel of sunlight or a gentle breeze can be beneficial to patients, visitors and caregivers.

Be a part of continuing to creating this healing landscape.

Supporting the Healing Garden means supporting IU Health White Memorial Hospital's healing mission. The purchase of a brick in the walkway represents one permanent step on a healing path for many to enjoy. The bricks are available for a $500 donation, all of which is tax deductible. Please consider being an everlasting part of IU Health White Memorial Hospital.

Bricks can be donated in honor/memory of a loved one, name of a business, family name or your favorite saying. Print and fill out a brick form, and mail to the IU Health White Memorial Foundation with your payment.