Registration of Vendors, Sales Representatives and Contract Workers


  • To identify and account for sales representatives calling on Hospital department Directors/designee.
  • To identify and account for contract workers working throughout the building.


  • All vendors will be seen by appointment only.
  • Sales representatives will sign in and obtain and wear a vendor badge prior to visiting IU Health White Memorial Hospital departments and Directors/designee. Contract workers will also be signed in and wear VENDOR badges while working in the building.


  1. All vendors will be seen by appointment only. Department Directors/designee will make arrangements with vendors to call in advance of their visit for an appointment, or to set advance appointments at the end of visits.
  2. Upon arrival at the Hospital, vendors will "sign in" at log books provided in Main Registration or Materials Management. They will also secure and wear a disposable VENDOR badge while they are in the facility.
  3. The vendor/sales representative may then proceed to the department where they have an appointment.
  4. Vendors will be encouraged to "sign out" as they leave the facility, the badge may be discarded.
  5. Construction, contract workers or repairmen (copier repair, telephone repair, computer repair, etc.) must also sign in and be identified by a Vendor badge, while working in the facility.
  6. If outside repairmen or contractors are working after hours, they will not have access to "sign in" areas. The Department Director or designee using the repairman will notify Nursing Supervision in advance that they are expected in the facility, and approximate time frame allotted for their work, and where they will be working.


  • It is the responsibility of Department Director/Designee to ensure adherence to this policy/procedure.
  • It is the responsibility of the Department Director/Designee to show vendors " sign in " areas, and encourage their participation in the hospital wide policy.