Stroke Telemedicine Program


Delivering High-Speed Stroke Expertise

In an effort to expand statewide access to specialized stroke services and improve clinical outcomes for stroke patients, IU Health provides a clinical service using telemedicine to support IU Health White Memorial Hospital.

This service, IU Health Stroke Telemedicine, uses advanced videoconferencing technology to connect stroke specialists in the Indianapolis-area with stroke patients at selected rural community hospitals — some hundreds of miles away.

IU Health has committed more than a dozen neurologists from the IU Health Neuroscience Center to support the new service. The service’s mobile technology platform — designed specifically for IU Health — uses laptops and smartphones to support the neurologists in performing telemedicine consultations anytime; anywhere.

How the service works

With the new service, emergency department staff at IU Health White Memorial hospital dealing with a potential stroke patient can dial one dedicated phone number to reach an on-call IU Health-affiliated neurologist based in the Indianapolis area and connect the patient with the doctor via web camera and phone. Using the telemedicine technology to consult remotely, the neurologist can interact in real-time with the patient and the on-site emergency room doctor, review laboratory and scan results and make observations to determine the most appropriate treatment path.

In time-critical situations such as the onset of a stroke, live and interactive telemedicine consultations like these may help to ensure faster, more effective care for patients — potentially increasing their chances of an excellent recovery. By reducing or eliminating the hours of delay caused by transfers, more patients will be eligible to receive time-critical treatments for stroke.