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Why should you offer IU Health Employee Assistance Program to your employees?

We’re here for you when life gets personal!  We all must deal with stress and life changes both during and after work hours.  These can make it difficult to do our very best.  The IU Health Employee Assistance Program is a long term EAP in the state of Indiana, serving your friends, their families and neighbors when there are problems at work or home.

IU Health EAP allows your employee to know they have a qualified professional to help them stay as healthy and productive at work as possible.  We serve very small employers to very large ones, offering a personal touch different from the national network providers or those who simply refer the callers to other resources.

The IU Health Employee Assistance program results in savings for employers. For every dollar spent by an employer on EAP, studies show the return can be up to $5 per employee per month. For example, if you have a workforce of 1,000, your return can be as much as $5,000 due to less absenteeism, increased productivity and less diverted attention from work performance.  Anxious, worried employees can’t concentrate well! Managers and supervisors also benefit from the support and guidance received through EAP consultation on employee management situations.

EAP sessions are no cost to the employee and can reduce employee use of longer term benefits for counseling and related services. This in turn is a savings for the company since less benefits are accessed through insurance

Recruitment and retention are also improved by purchasing an EAP.  New and existing employees value an organization that shows care and concern for their wellbeing.  When an employee experiences support and understanding and an opportunity to talk through life problems with an understanding EAP counselor, loyalty to the organization can increase. 

IU Health EAP employs and contracts with master’s prepared licensed and credentialed counselors to provide services.  A unique training program is provided for all our counselors throughout the state of Indiana and Midwest so we can assure greater continuity of care through our network of providers. We have professionals where you live and work and five offices in convenient locations covering Indianapolis near I-465 and downtown Indianapolis.

The IU Health EAP has experts in addiction and substance use disorders and can support most Department of Transportation (DOT), union and other drug-free workplace needs of employers.

Expertise in Crisis Management and Critical Incident care are also offered to employers through phone availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Direction and support for urgent needs can be offered.  Scheduling and general needs and questions are addressed by our warm and professional front office team Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During these hours we have professional phone counselors available as well.

Our EAP is a member of the International and State Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association which provides valuable input and continuing education for our work. 

We continue to get better so you can too.