Medical Student Electives

Customize your residency experience with these electives.

4th Year IU Medical School Elective rotations:

  • Clinical Endocrinology (18ME711)
  • Clinical Infectious Disease (18MD701)
  • Critical Care/Pulmonary Medicine (18MI731)
  • Family Medicine (18YF701)
  • Internal Medicine-Emphasis on Hematology and Oncology (18MH701)
  • Private Service Adult Hospitalist Medicine (18MI751)
  • Sports Medicine (18ZS711)
  • Ward Medicine (18MI711)

Other rotations include:

  • 2nd year Anesthesiologist Assistant
  • 3rd year FM Clerkship/ IM Clerkship
  • 4th year FM Sub-I- / IM Sub-I

To schedule an elective contact:
Elaine Wisner, CME Coordinator
Toll-Free: 800.279.1666

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