What do our residents do for fun when they're not attending lectures, seeing patients and learning procedures?


  • Spring/Summer/Fall softball league
  • Pick-up basketball at local churches, schools and Dr. Bird's driveway
  • Ultimate Frisbee games
  • Bicycling on the Cardinal Greenway Trail (60-mile-long rail to trail initiative)
  • Mountain biking on nearby trails
  • "Boot Camp" workouts with other Family Medicine residents and program directors (three days weekly in the IU Health Ball Memorial Fitness Center)

Social Events:

  • Annual Voss Pool Party (hosted by one of our local OB/GYN groups)
  • June resident and clinic staff picnic
  • Annual volleyball party (hosted by Dr. Shue and his wife)
  • Annual residency and family canoe trip on the White River
  • Outdoor family movie night at the Family Medicine Residency Center
  • Bible study at local residents' homes
  • Intern retreat at local Ball Mansion
  • Annual St. Patrick's Day party (held by the most Irish resident or director in attendance)
  • Active Spouse Group
  • Women in Medicine Group
  • Many more spur-of-the-moment dinners, get-togethers and shin-digs!