Transitional Year Residency Program at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital

2020-2021 Transitional Year Residents

Denise Clark, MD

I was raised and attended college in Brazil, South America, before moving to the United States to pursue a dual masters in environmental sciences and public affairs at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, at Indiana University in Bloomington. During that time, I also became engaged to Bob, my now American husband. After our marriage and my completion of the masters program, we moved back to Brazil, where I spent a couple of years working in the field of environmental conservation before realizing that, while I felt passionate about the environment, my true calling was in medicine and in taking care of people. We moved back to Indiana to be close to family and I started my studies at Indiana University School of Medicine, Muncie campus, a few months after our second son was born. While in Muncie for most of my medical school training, I experienced the highest level of care and professionalism at Ball Memorial Hospital. I knew early on that, if given the opportunity, I would want to continue my training at this institution. This year, I am beyond excited to start my residency programs beginning with Ball Memorial for my transitional year and University of Cincinnati for Dermatology.

When I am not in the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two sons, Thomas and Lucas. This includes spending as much time being active outdoors as possible, with daily walks, hiking, games and fun weekend trips. I also really enjoy cooking, traveling, running, and watching movies in my spare time.

Clark Denise MD 2020

Jonathon Conatser, MD

Hello, I was born right here at Ball Memorial Hospital and grew up just north of Muncie in the DeSoto area. I graduated from Delta High School way back in 2001 and then I completed my undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Ball State University. After graduating from Ball State University I worked on the maintenance crew of a local golf course here in town for seven years before I decided to return to school to pursue a career in medicine. I completed my medical school training at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, OK. After completing my intern year here at Ball Memorial, I will be returning to Oklahoma to specialize in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

I am honored to be able to join the IU Health Ball Memorial team and to be able to care for patients from my hometown community. The Transitional Year residency here at Ball Memorial Hospital will be a great learning experience because Ball Memorial will give me exposure to a wide variety of patients, disease processes, and specialties in a hospital with a community-based attitude.
When I am not working I enjoy playing golf, listening to music and going to concerts, creating art (pencil portraits, caricatures, and logo designs) and eating Pizza King!

Conatser Jonathon MD 2020

James Daggett, DO

I grew up in Greenwood, Indiana, on the south side of Indianapolis where I attended Center Grove High School. Growing up I was really into sports, particularly football and track. I was a running back on my high school football team and ran the 100m, 200m and 400m in track. My football team won the state championship against Carmel my sophomore year, then my senior year I managed to lead the state in rushing. After high school, I attended Indiana University where I majored in Biology. My freshman year I realized I was particularly intrigued by the sciences. While exploring my career options I ended up being accepted into emergency medicine shadowing program. This experience sparked my desire to pursue a career in medicine. Between undergrad and medical school, I worked at Eli Lilly in a particle research lab for a year and then began medical school at Marian University.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be trained here at Ball Memorial for my Transitional year. I will be attending Indiana University for my Anesthesiology residency, and moving multiple times during residency did not sound like much fun…

In my free time I like spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, golfing or grilling. In June I got engaged to my fiancé, Poe, on a hike in Boulder, Colorado. I also play guitar and like to learn new songs when I have the time.

Daggett James MD 2020

Samuel Kimmel, DO

I have been a lifelong Hoosier growing up in South Bend, Indiana. I graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a BA in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Following my undergraduate studies, I attended medical school at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

I am honored to be a part of the transitional year program at IU Ball Memorial and look forward to making Muncie home for a year. I am confident this program will provide me with a solid medical foundation while allowing me the opportunity to pursue electives in PM&R and other areas that will help me in my future practice. Working in Muncie will keep me close to family and friends in Indiana and allow for weekend trips to Louisville Kentucky where I will be starting my PM&R residency the following year.

My hobbies include hiking, travel, cooking, pottery, collecting and listening to vinyl records.

Kimmell Samuel MD 2020

Jessica Kuo, MD

I grew up in Los Angeles County in California. I am a first generation Taiwanese American. I graduated from USC for undergrad before moving to the Midwest to attend Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. After my transitional year, I’ll be returning to California to UCSF for my anesthesiology residency. I chose Ball Memorial Hospital because the curriculum allows me to optimize my time toward my learning interests, and the people here are warm and welcoming.

When outside the hospital, I can be found playing tennis, cooking dozens of Asia dishes, and baking. I am a huge fan of food, trying new foods, and talking about food. A fun fact about me is that I have been to 12 different countries, and I plan on visiting a few more this year!

Kuo Jessica MD 2020

David Price, MD

I grew up in Indianapolis and went to Northwestern to study Industrial Engineering as well as advanced math in the social sciences. While I grew up in a medical family, I did not plan to enter medicine and instead worked as a business consultant in Chicago for two years following college. While I had a great time consulting, as years passed, I came to realize I missed being part of a team restoring patients’ vision, and so, I went to medical school at IU and will be going back there for ophthalmology residency. I find life to be a running experience.

I was relieved and excited to match at Ball Memorial. It is close to home, the education is excellent, and it is a very friendly and welcoming environment for residents. It is a wonderful program, and I am thankful for the work that has gone into building it.

In my spare time, you might find me playing strategy games, spending time with my girlfriend, relaxing, exercising, reading, or thinking about ophthalmology research.

Price David MD 2020

Hunter Promer, DO

I was a born and raised a Packer fan in Appleton, WI, just a short twenty-minute drive from the famous Lambeau Field. I attended the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire for my undergraduate education where I obtained a bachelor’s in Biology and minored in Chemistry. While attending UW-Eau Claire, I split my time outside of academics pursuing research in aquatic ecology and working as a medical scribe in the emergency department. As a student researcher, I found myself sampling lakes of northern Minnesota as well as collecting invertebrates in the Andes of Argentina.

Following my studies in Wisconsin, I began medical school at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. There, I became fascinated by the breadth of pathology and broad differential required in the field of radiology. Before I embark on that journey, I am excited and thankful to be part of the transitional year program at Ball Memorial. Ball will provide an excellent medical foundation before I continue my training at Advocate Healthcare in Chicago, IL.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy traveling to foreign places, exercising and spending time outdoors. In particular, each year I await the crisp falls of bow hunting and fresh powder for skiing out west.

Promer Hunter MD 2020

Jared Salisbury, MD

I grew up in Fishers, IN and went to Indiana University in Bloomington for my undergraduate studies, where I received the full-ride Cox Research Scholarship and completed a B.S. Biochemistry degree. I decided to postpone completing my undergraduate studies in order to serve a voluntary service mission to Pangasinan province of the Philippines for a period of approximately two years, where I learned the Tagalog language. I loved giving service in the Philippines and, upon returning, soon decided that I would pursue medicine. For me, medicine represents the perfect combination of service, science, and life-long learning.

After working as a biochemist for a year, I started medical school with the Indiana University School of Medicine at their Indianapolis campus. I enjoyed performing research during this time and was recently honored to receive the Association of University Radiologists’ Memorial Award for one of my publications.

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the Transitional Year program at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. I have heard great things about the program here and look forward to spending a year here before heading back to Indianapolis to complete a diagnostic radiology residency.

Aside from medicine, I enjoy improving on the piano, reading fiction and nonfiction of all genres, spending time outdoors, and relaxing with my family. My wife and I are about to boast of having a family of six and are excited that Muncie will be the place to make that happen.

Salisbury Jared MD 2020

David Schmitz, MD

After several early years in Nebraska, most of my childhood took place in Terre Haute, Indiana. I went on to attend the University of Notre Dame with a major in biology, and then the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. During medical school, I decided to pursue a career in radiology. The field’s fascinating uses of anatomy, physics, and technology captured my attention.

On the path to this career, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the Transitional Year program at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. I was most impressed by the universally kind and helpful hospital employees I came across during my visit, as well as the program’s strong reputation for teaching. Next year I will begin my residency in diagnostic radiology at the Ohio State University.

Despite radiology stereotypes, I do very much enjoy sunlight. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, being active, reading, and playing piano. I also enjoy picking up new interest with my friends and family.

Schmitz David MD 2020

D. Brock Smith, DO

I grew up in Plymouth, a town in northern Indiana, before attending Wabash College, where I got a BA in psychology. After undergrad, I chose to go to Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school, to stay close to home. Afer my intern year here at Ball Memorial Hospital, I will be traveling to Oklahoma City to join Integris Baptist Medical Center for my training in radiology. Ultimately, I would like to go into Interventional Radiology.

I chose Ball Memorial because it will give me a solid medical foundation while still allowing me to pursue electives in Interventional Radiology and other areas that will help me in my future practice. Working in Muncie also lets me continue to be close to family in Indiana. Finally, the culture of Ball’s TY really stood out to me on interview day as everyone was so welcoming.

In my spare time, you will find me playing some sort of sport, cycling on the Cardinal Greenway, in the gym, exploring the food scene, or on a patio, grilling out.

Smith Donald MD 2020