Pathology & Lab Services

Fast results, so you can quickly get the answers you need

For your doctor to make the right diagnosis, they need as much information as possible. That is where our pathology and lab teams come in to deliver fast and accurate results. 

Our approach to Pathology and Lab services

We operate 24/7 so your doctor can complete your diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible. 

Our lab professionals help your physician by: 
• Consulting with your medical team on test interpretation to choosing the most appropriate laboratory testing
• Performing screening tests for evaluating your health
• Providing complex testing for serious life-threatening conditions
• Processing and interpreting biopsies, tissue, bone marrow and fine needle aspirations
• Offering a diagnosis based on your clinical history and laboratory testing
• Overseeing quality of laboratory services within the IU Health laboratory system

We specialize in lab work for the following services: 


Our pathologists specialize in evaluating cancer involving different body organs and provide testing for the genetic defects associated with these cancers.


We quickly evaluate laboratory testing to aid the doctors in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease.

Hematologic disorders

Our fully automated hematology laboratory at the Academic Health is one of a kind in the nation. We conduct testing and evaluation of hematologic and coagulation/bleeding problems.

Molecular pathology

Detection of many microbes and viruses is expedited with molecular techniques so you can get the right antibiotic faster.


Several of our pathologists have special training to evaluate nerve, muscle and ophthalmic tissue.


Some of our pathologists and phlebotomists are specially trained to run tests on children’s laboratory samples, as well as skilled in taking blood from our smallest patients. 


Transplant patients are treated with special drugs to prevent organ rejection. Our laboratories provide testing to help doctors ensure the right amount of anti-rejection drug is given.

Women’s Health

Our pathologists and laboratory professionals run tests for breast and gynecologic cancers, prenatal care and STDs. 

Outpatient Services

If your primary care physician or specialist has ordered tests, we can help with that too. We have convenient outpatient labs to serve you and your family. 

Why IU Health for Pathology and Lab Services

Indiana University Health Pathology & Lab evaluates more than 19 million tests each year. Our team has more than 40 expert pathologists and 700 highly qualified laboratory professionals. We are accredited by state, federal and independent accrediting agencies.

Through our partnership with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Indiana University, we participate in the training of pathology and lab professionals. We are the only training program in Indiana for residency and fellowship in pathology. 

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