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IU Health Tipton Hospital installs Siemens’ SOMATOM Definition Edge Single-Source CT

December 26, 2017

IU Health Tipton Hospital has installed a new Siemens’ SOMATOM Definition Edge Single-Source CT scanner. Benefiting from new Stellar Detector integrated technology, SOMATOM Definition Edge CT system offers high image quality, dose reduction and dual energy scan mode in clinical settings, including the Emergency Department.

The system’s revolutionary Stellar Detector – which for the first time fully integrates the detector’s miniaturized electronics with the photodiode – has the potential to significantly reduce electronic noise and cross-talk and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the images. With the Stellar Detector, the SOMATOM Definition Edge can generate ultra-thin slices to deliver an extremely high spatial resolution with an optimal signal-to-noise ratio and without any increase in dose. The increased spatial resolution may potentially benefit critical cases such as emergency diagnostics and cardiovascular examinations, where every additional visible micrometer can be beneficial.

The SOMATOM Definition Edge CT system can enable visualization of structures up to 0.30 millimeters, with potential improvement in image sharpness. Siemens’ fastest single-source CT scanner, the SOMATOM Definition Edge has a rotation speed as fast as 0.28 seconds and can acquire up to 23 cm/s. And the new Dual Energy mode enables the system to scan at two different tube voltages to help better characterize tissue types.

The new scanner offers:

  • Patient Friendly Design
    • Automated technology helps allow the technologist to spend less time at the machine and more time with the patient.
    • 78 cm gantry and system design allows for excellent access and patient positioning and access.
    • Consistent, high-quality images reduces need for re-scans.
  • Advanced Dose Reduction Features
    • Equipped with the world’s first fully integrated Stellar detector that enables low noise  scans at low doses.
    • State-of-the-art SAFIRE* image reconstruction software allows for up to 60% dose reduction across a wide portfolio of clinical applications.
  • Exceptional Clinical Benefits
    • Fast scanning speed helps reduce need for breath hold, especially critical for imaging trauma, elderly, and pediatric patients.

Patients should talk with their primary care provider on any symptoms they are currently having to determine if a CT scan is right for you. For general questions on the new CT scanner and the patient process our Radiology team can be reached at 765.675.8538.

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