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IU Health Tipton Hospital Introduces IU Health Police Officers

October 30, 2017

While Indiana is one of the more recent states to adopt legislation pertaining to Police departments in hospitals it was certainly not early in the process. Michigan for example established theirs in the 1970s and 29 states have similar legislation.

The growing problem of violence in hospitals and the overall goal of improving safety and eliminating the “wait” time of local police departments arriving to make arrests at our hospitals was the determining factor when the decision was made to form a police department. When senate bill 582 was passed in 2013 allowing hospitals to form their own police departments Chief Garry Kimble began doing his homework.

In 2014 IU Health North Central Region formed a police department (IUHPD) and began sending officers to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy for training. This allowed all of our Officers to be highly trained and self-sufficient when handling situations that in the past would have required calling the city or county police. Our Police Officers all have arrest powers and are trained to use the most up to date standards in law enforcement. Rest assured we are prepared to handle anything from simple theft to the very worst crimes, although the hope is that our presence will deter most serious offenses.
Once the department was established at IU Health North, we worked to expand the program to IU Health Tipton Hospital. In 2015 we hired our first full-time officer and in January 2017 we added another full-time officer. Our officers at Tipton are Supervisor, Officer John Davis and Officer Nick Frye (local Tipton resident).

The department is part of our regional department with IU Health North. The department is led by  Chief Garry Kimble and Deputy Chief Robert Herren, if you have any questions regarding the police department they can be reached at 317.688.2911  or

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