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IU Health West Offers Diagnostic Imaging Around the Clock

December 11, 2017

It is no surprise that hospitals are a 24/7 business. Now at Indiana University Health West Hospital, outpatient diagnostic imaging services, including CT scan, MRI and ultrasound also have 24/7 access.

"Our patients want to receive healthcare services when it is convenient for them," explained Sarah Clemens, director of the hospital's imaging and cardiovascular services teams. "At the same time, we had equipment sitting idle most of the night and early morning hours. To meet patient demand and serve our community with cutting-edge technology, we've opened up the schedule."

Almost immediately, Clemens noted, those formerly off-hours appointments started being snatched up by patients eager to schedule exams before or after work, avoiding kids' commitments, or in sync with shift work.

Clemens said the open schedule helps reduce patient stress. "If your doctor is sending you to the hospital for imaging, there is probably something going on with your health that has you worried. By removing the challenge of having to take time off of work or hire a babysitter to come in for that exam, we can take a little of the burden off of our patients' shoulders."

In addition to expanded hours, cardiac patients visiting the Radiology and Imaging Department at IU Health West Hospital may now receive treatment with a new, dual source-dual energy computed tomography (CT) scanner. With this new scanner, patients are exposed to less radiation, and can expect to be treated faster and more efficiently. IU Health West Hospital is the first hospital in Indiana to receive this technology.

Most patients can be preregistered over the phone for their visits, so they will come directly to the department on the hospital's main first floor hallway to check in. Patients who arrive for a test after 6 pm and who have not been preregistered can simply stop by the registration desk that also serves the emergency department to check in. They will then be directed to the department for their exams.

Patients can schedule imaging exams and get preregistered by calling 317.217.3272. For more information, visit

April Roth, CT/MRI technologist, uses advanced imaging technology to diagnose and treat patients at IU Health West Hospital.

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