Communications Center

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Our Communications Center is locally operated and staffed with IU Health team members with experience in transport triage, critical care transport, ALS/BLS transport, public safety dispatch and air medical dispatch. Our specialists will assess and offer the closest, most appropriate transport resource for the patient, even if it is not IU Health LifeLine.


Indiana’s Most Advanced Comprehensive Transport Provider

Indiana University Health has invested in significant technology to provide patients with excellence in transport care. The central hub for these services is the new, technologically advanced communications center that facilitates:

  • Critical Care (air or ground)
  • ALS/BLS transport

Phone System

With our recently updated communications center, our advanced phone system disperses call volume throughout the center to call takers. This helps ensure calls are triaged appropriately. Our updated radio system has improved communications and team interoperability. The computer aided dispatch (CAD) system assists with call tracking and works in conjunction with satellite tracking software for “real time” asset location and accurate ETAs.

Transport Triage

Our communication specialists collaborate with the referring provider to assign the appropriate level of care and mode of transport. The Communications Center has multiple resources, including clinicians and in house supervisors, to ensure the best crew configuration to optimize patient care.

Number One Priority is Safety

At Indiana University Health LifeLine, patient safety is our number one priority. Using the most advanced technology, we are in constant communication with the ambulance or aircraft for the entire transport. With our innovative satellite tracking capability, our dispatchers watch each transport for real time status updates. Our transport crews can also communicate with physicians during a transport if needed.