Bariatric Surgery: The Candidate

July 20, 2017

What makes the ideal candidate for bariatric surgery?

First comes the terms of insurance. Each insurance company sets specific criteria needed to approve a patient for bariatric surgery. If an individual qualifies, there are other aspects that doctors consider, said Dr. Dimitrios Stefanidis, with the IU Health Bariatric Program. Here are six things to consider:

  • Candidates for bariatric surgery need to be willing to complete and comply with program expectations – such as taking vitamins, showing up for doctor visits, and exercising in preparation for surgery.
  • Patients need to understand what it means to reduce food intake. During and after the surgery, their diets will be substantially modified. They will feel full more quickly.
  • Clients need to recognize the changes that will take place when they do consume food – it may taste different even if their cravings continue.
  • Candidates need to be willing to continue working after surgery to lose and maintain an appropriate weight.
  • Patients should be suitable surgical candidates – healthy enough for surgery and recovery.
  • Bariatric patients should be willing to seek support from family, friends and professionals.

-- T.J. Banes

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