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Building On Our Promise: Writing Our Playbook

June 01, 2018

Has anyone reading this ever built a new hospital with an ambulatory care center and clinic building for specialty physician practices all on one campus? If you said no, you’re not alone. Though much work has been done on the project over the past 2 years, IU Health and its physicians, staff and project team needed to slow down and develop a game plan. We needed a playbook to use to help us make critical decisions as the project moves forward.

During the last week in June, staff, providers, leadership and our partners gathered to start working on our playbook or functional programming for each department and service. Everyone was divided up into their respective vertical or horizontal triads to begin this important process. A Triad is a group comprised of 3 leaders that will work together on planning for a specific area of our new campus. Think of these playbooks as an owner’s manual. They will tell us what we need in the space and how we’re going to use the space which in turn will help influence design and development of each area in our new facility like our ED, Cath Lab and our new Cancer Center.

“We want to make sure that as we expand on this vision and expand on what our new world will look like, we’re capturing it,” said Christy Hackerd RN, Quality Improvement Consultant with the project team, “This is all going to feed in to training, education, and how we work. It’s going to inform how we operate when we show up on day one and open our doors.”

After the week long kick-off event, the teams will have most of the rest of the summer to finish writing their playbooks. On Sept. 1st, the project will resume the design and development phase for each internal area and department. The functional playbooks will play a large roll in informing this phase as we get closer and closer to groundbreaking.

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