Fall Into Fitness: Creative Ways to Get a Workout This Season

September 19, 2017

Ever strive to exercise, but not sure what to do or where to begin? As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I work with bariatric patients at Indiana University Health, to help them lose weight in preparation for surgery. In addition to being followed by a team, patients also receive individualized nutrition counseling post-operatively. We work together to identify barriers and solutions throughout their weight loss journey, which often includes exercise.

I also help people reach their health and fitness goals as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I love being able to help people integrate nutrition, fitness, and wellness to eat better, move better, and feel better doing it.

Trying to lose weight but wondering where to get started? Enjoy the fall weather by taking your exercise outdoors. This workout can be done at any level with no equipment needed. Read on for more tips to stay motivated this season.

  • Warm Up: Walk 20 seconds, jog 20 seconds, run 20 seconds. Repeat five times until you feel warm.
  • Workout: Set a timer for 15 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible.
    • 20 Lunges
    • 15 Squats
    • 10 Push Ups
    • 5 Sit Ups
  • Cool Down: Walk three minutes and stretch.

Two Simple Ways to Adjust Intensity:

  • Find a nearby park. You can perform walking lunges uphill, add an incline using a bench for push ups, or use other park equipment for balance.
  • If you want to increase the intensity, take shorter rest between each round. Build up your endurance by completing the workout for five minutes, then slowly increase to 10, 15, or even 20 minutes of continuous movement.

-- By Katie Hake, RD
Indiana University Health

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