IU Health Frankfort expanding lab services

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May 30, 2018

Indiana University Health Frankfort Hospital is expanding outpatient laboratory services to include therapeutic phlebotomy and blood transfusions, beginning Monday, June 4.

Therapeutic phlebotomy is a blood draw procedure usually prescribed by a physician as a part of treatment of various medical conditions associated with accumulation of excess iron in the body.

If a person has a blood disorder, they may require a blood transfusion to help supply what their body is missing. Blood is made up of several different parts including red and white cells, plasma and platelets. Some blood transfusions use whole blood, but it is more likely that a specific component is needed.

“We are thrilled to offer more outpatient options for Clinton County and the surrounding areas,” stated Leslie Smith, RN, manager of surgical services. “Our care team is committed to delivering the highest quality care.”

Earlier this year, IU Health Frankfort Hospital began offering surgical procedures using the latest advancements in surgical techniques. IU Health physicians perform minimally invasive surgical approaches that provide many benefits to patients, including less pain, shorter recovery times and a faster return to daily activities.

The partnership between IU Health and Indiana University School of Medicine gives IU Health Frankfort Hospital’s surgery team on-going access to first-class continuing education programs and advanced research in the latest surgical techniques.

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