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Patient From India: “It Started With a Cough That Kept My Baby Daughter Awake”

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When a nephrologist from India was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, he traveled across the world to seek care at IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

He’s a doctor so he knows how to research and he’s trained in seeking out the most effective treatments. That’s why Amit Prakash Nagarik traveled more than 13,000 miles from Mumbai, India to Indianapolis, IN.

After battling a persistent cough for nearly two weeks, Nagarik went to his healthcare provider at home thinking he probably had a cold or some sort of a bug. At its worse the cough kept his baby daughter awake at night. He and his wife, Anjali, a dentist in India, have two daughters Siya and Mira.

On June 8, 2018 a CT scan showed the 41-year-old father had Synovial Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that grows slowly and generally starts near large joints. For Nagarik, a lesion was spotted on his right lung. Synovial Sarcoma generally occurs in young children but can also develop in adults. It accounts for less than one percent of all cancers.

A week after his diagnosis, Nagarik started the first of six cycles of chemotherapy. On January 21, 2019 he underwent a complex surgery and was in the care of IU Health cardiothoracic surgeons Dr. Kenneth A. Kesler and Dr. Michael Kasten. He was hospitalized for seven days.

“I have been a practicing kidney doctor in Indian for seven years. I have close friends in Chicago and when I was diagnosed I started asking questions about the best doctors,” said Nagarik. “They recommended IU Health. That is where the experts are and since the tumor was close to my lung and heart, I wanted the best. I am happy I made the decision to come here. It has been the best treatment I could ask for.”

-- By T.J. Banes, Journalist, IU Health.
Reach Banes via email tfender1@iuhealth.org.

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