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Sharing the Vision

January 01, 2018

IU Health Bloomington Hospital was the host for Visioning Day. The day brought together the teams tasked with leading the transformation of the care model, processes and practices for the new campus.

Clinical leaders, IU Health providers, Indiana University and Ivy Tech leaders, design consultants, and more gathered in Wegmiller Auditorium on the campus of IU Health Bloomington Hospital to learn and work together. The half-day event was planned to help with alignment around the vision for the new campus project amongst key stakeholders. Alignment with the core vision for the campus is crucial as the clinical and non-clinical

Triads begin their work. A Triad is a work group tasked with leading the planning processes for different key areas, services and departments. Michael Melby, Director of Clinical Integration and Activation for the project told the group: “When we asked the Triad Leaders to complete a gap analysis between the current state and future state care models we received feedback from nearly every group that they could not complete the work because they had inadequate information to define future state.” The purpose of Visioning Day became making sure the Triad leaders all shared the vision of that desired state before they left the meeting to begin work in their respective areas.

In addition to informative presentations from the Advisory Board, IU Health system Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Gottlieb, MD, as well as Tom Morrison Vice President, Capital Planning and Facilities at Indiana University, participants stepped through a detailed presentation about the new campus and the vision and mission for the project. That presentation was given by IU Health Bloomington Hospital Chief Medical Officer Ken Marshall, MD, Chief Nursing Officer, Linda Lewis, RN and South Central Region Chief Operating Officer, Brian Shockney. It provided a look at where we’re headed and what will be used to guide us as we move the project forward.

“The information was very timely and the engagement from the regional partners was excellent and encouraging,” said Riley Physicians Bloomington Pediatric Medical Director Jim Laughlin, MD. “Now we collectively need to make things happen.”

Planning for the new campus is moving out of the schematic design phase and into the design and development phase.


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