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Connecting the links with Connected Care

Connecting the links with Connected Care

“What I need, is someone who will listen and coordinate all my healthcare together,” shared IU Health Connected Care patient John Wiley.

After struggling with multiple health problems and having multiple doctors provide few answers, John and his wife, Barbara, had become frustrated with their healthcare experiences.

“When you have several problems, you have to make several appointments with multiple different specialists,” says John. “Specialists are typically concerned with diagnosing you with something from their specialty and are thinking less about the whole picture. Things seemed less coordinated with the other specialists and my primary care doctor.”

John and Barbara learned about the Connected Care on Indy’s East Side from a postcard they received in the mail. “Connected Care sounded exactly like what John has been talking about and wanting,” shares Barbara.

Connected Care offers unique, personalized primary care services for adults with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligibility coordinating care with specialists and services patients need.

They decided to give Connected Care a try and met with Kamal Wagle, MD, MPH.

“Dr. Wagle and his team really listen to you. They allot for at least an hour for appointments so I can really talk about everything that is bothering me, and it has really made a difference,” says John. “Dr. Wagle also comes to your appointments prepared. He doesn’t come into the room reading your chart, he already knows it and knows you.”

The couple says that their favorite part about Connected Care is the staff and the coordination they provide.

“Everyone there is great. We’ve never had a bad experience, not even mediocre,” shares Barbara. “Just the other day, John mentioned to Dr. Wagle that another specialist didn’t follow-up with him for another appointment. He immediately made a phone call, and we were able to get John scheduled for an appointment the following day.”

They also note that they’ve seen improvements in John’s health.

“I’m getting older, so I’ll never be back to where I used to be, but I’m walking farther and breathing easier,” says John.

Barbara adds, “We brag about Connected Care to our friends and family all the time. If someone has chronic problems, then this is the type of place they need to look into.”

After a career in engineering, John can appreciate the problem solving of this approach to complex care.

“When you’re an engineer you’re faced with problems that don’t have a single, simple solution. You have to put a plan together to find the solutions and I feel that’s exactly what’s happening at Connected Care.”

To learn more about Connected Care in Indianapolis, visit the IU Health Connected Care - Indianapolis webpage.

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