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March 04, 2022

Corporate sponsor Harris & Harris pledges $25,000 to Team Member Support Fund

Corporate sponsor Harris & Harris pledges $25,000 to Team Member Support Fund

Six years ago, Arnie Harris attended an IU Health charity auction and bid on a lunch with IU Health President and CEO Dennis Murphy. He won the chance to dine with him, and while they chatted over lunch, it was then that Arnie learned of Dennis’ passion for philanthropy and the IU Health Foundation.

At the time, Arnie, who is president and CEO of the Chicago-based law revenue cycle firm Harris & Harris, was already connected to IU Health as a corporate vendor and often aided the system’s revenue cycle teams. The luncheon with Dennis though was what inspired him to expand his company’s partnership with IU Health and engage as a loyal philanthropic supporter of the IU Health Foundation.

Arnie Harris, Harris & Harris president and CEO
Arnie Harris, Harris & Harris president and CEO

“I’ve learned that IU Health always has a way to be the best,” reflects Arnie. “Whether it’s administering top-notch care to their patients or supporting their community during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic … they consistently produce outstanding results. Their dedication to compassion has motivated Harris & Harris to give, to continue to give, and to gain a deep love for this incredible work.”

Over time, Harris & Harris has found new ways to support the IU Health Foundation including the purchase of bullet proof vests for the IU Health security team.

This year, Harris & Harris has generously agreed to direct their support to the 2021 Heart of IU Health team member giving campaign by pledging $25,000 to the Team Member Support Fund (TMSF).

The fund pays bills for team members experiencing financial emergencies — everything from a partner losing a job to unexpected car repairs to a family illness. The number of team members served grows every year. In 2020, requests for support from the TMSF were up 700%, with more than 60 team members receiving assistance per month.

“I’m so proud to support the TMSF,” says Arnie. “It helps thousands of people, all because one family member works for a great employer ­– an employer of choice – IU Health.”

Inspired by IU Health Foundation’s generous fund, Arnie replicated the idea and launched a similar program at Harris & Harris to help his team.

If you would like to join Arnie and Harris & Harris in supporting the 2021 Heart of IU Health annual team member giving campaign, which launches Oct. 1, please contact IU Health Team Member Giving Manager Sarah Bock to learn how you can help make a difference in the lives of team members.