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August 24, 2021

Doctor’s excellence in care recognized for quality improvement, patient safety

Doctor’s excellence in care recognized for quality improvement, patient safety

Dr. Kelly Kasper, OB/GYN was recently recognized for her commitment to patient care and women’s health.

By IU Health Senior Journalist, T.J. Banes,

For nearly two decades, Dr. Kelly Kasper has been focused on caring for women of all ages. She was drawn to medicine at a young age – growing up in a household where her mother faced chronic illness.

“She’d tell me stories about the physicians she loved and I realized the people who had an influence on her life also had an influence on our lives,” said Dr. Kasper. “They wanted her to feel well enough to attend school functions, sporting events and family activities.”

Now in her own practice, Dr. Kasper says she strives to provide that care and compassion to her patients.

“I think medicine has gotten busier and busier and I try to remember that the focus is on my patient’s wellbeing – not just their physical wellbeing, the aches and pains – but also that personal aspect. It’s so important to connect with them and go beyond their treatment plan,” said Dr. Kasper.

Recently, that connection and care earned Dr. Kasper’s practice an accreditation as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG). The achievement specifically recognizes her exemplary commitment to quality improvement and patient safety.

“The COEMIG is a specialized division which provides exceptionally high concentrations of expertise and related resources centered on women’s gynecologic surgery delivered in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary fashion. A COEMIG must demonstrate an exceptionally high level of patient care. A COEMIG delivers enhanced quality through the application of innovative tools, technologies, and techniques which improve outcomes,” said Dr. Kasper.

Accreditation remains in place as long as the center and each co-applicant medical professional remain in good standing and in verifiable compliance with all current requirements and other program criteria. Although designees are evaluated periodically throughout their accreditation, site inspections are performed every three years.

The accreditation process is divided into four parts: document submission, medical chart review, interviews, and facility and patient outcome assessment.

Dr. Kasper’s minimally invasive procedures include Laparoscopic hysterectomies, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic myomectomies, and laparoscopic removal of endometriosis.

Following are three questions with comments from Dr. Kasper:

Q: How do you define "excellence in patient care:"
A: “Providing care that follows best practices, individualized to patients’ preferences and treatment priorities, allowing timely access to necessary services, and is delivered safely and efficiently, in an environment where the health care team works together to understand and meet the needs of patients and deliver care in the best manner possible in a supportive collegial environment.”

Q: What do you see as the biggest changes in women’s health care in the past five years?
A: “Better access to contraceptive, family planning and maternity services; increased focus on disparities in health care between men and women; increased awareness of mental health issues specifically affecting women; early breast cancer detection and decreased mortality. Women are being encouraged and empowered to seek health care.”

Q: What are the three biggest points of education you would like to express to your specific patient population?
A: “You do not have to suffer from gynecologic (female) issues. Preventative health care matters…see your doctor before you have symptoms.
You don’t have to have the same treatment/surgery your mother or grandmother received.”

Dr. Kasper is married to Dr. Gregory Raff, also an OB/GYN. They have two children, Taylor, 20, and Gavin, 17.

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