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March 22, 2021

Dorothy Deckard, RN, provides compassionate care

Dorothy Deckard, RN, provides compassionate care

"Dorothy Deckard [is] selfless and serving to her fellow humans, always," wrote Sharon Aikman, RN, in her nomination of Deckard.

Dorothy Deckard, RN, spends her days caring for dying patients as a nurse for hospice in Bloomington. In her nomination, fellow nurse Sharon Aikman wrote about Deckard’s commitment to her profession and the compassionate care Deckard gives her patients.

Read the full nomination:

Dorothy Deckard is an excellent example of what a nurse should be. Dorothy is always calm, ALWAYS, no matter the stress of the situation.

Recently Dorothy finally went back to school to further her education from LPN to RN, an accomplishment that is well deserved by her, and well needed by the medical community.

Most recently Dorothy has been faced with one of the most challenging cases I have heard of:

Last summer Dorothy was tasked with taking care of a terminally ill 15 year old boy. Dorothy went above and beyond in her care of this young man. Not only in caring for him, but for his family also. There was compassion and provision made behind the scenes that will likely never be known. She did not do anything for the glory, only for the need. Typical of Dorothy.

This young man had a very rare genetic cancer that we were soon to learn, his mother had also been diagnosed with. Dorothy cared lovingly for this client through the end of his life.

This summer, Dorothy had the painful task of being asked by the family to be the Case Manager of that young mans mother as she was now terminally ill. Dorothy Cared for her and her family through a very difficult set of circumstances, never complaining, not once.

Only recently, Dorothy has once again been asked to care for a 2nd child in this same family with the same rare cancer! A load that would seem unbearable to most of us.
I contacted Dorothy to remind her to take care of herself and to offer my support and comradery for her. Dorothy did not complain, did not express how difficult it is for HER to care for a 3rd member of the same family to include 2 teens, but rather spoke of the hardship this is for the family and how she wants to see this through.

This is typical of Dorothy Deckard, selfless and serving to her fellow humans, always.

I am blessed to know Dorothy and honored to work along side her.


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