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January 27, 2021

Foundation Grants $603,279 to Benefit Patients, Team Members Systemwide

Foundation Grants $603,279 to Benefit Patients, Team Members Systemwide

IU Health hospitals across the state have received more than $600,000 in grants from IU Health Foundation for projects focused on making Indiana one of the nation’s healthiest states.

“Regional grants empower IU Health team members to improve the health of individuals, communities and our state,” said Crystal Hinson Miller, IU Health Foundation president and IU Health chief philanthropy officer. “Grants leverage the power of philanthropy and honor donors’ intentions by ensuring that dollars contributed locally fund local needs.”

The awards were made in partnership with local philanthropy councils supporting IU Health and range from $1,900 to $200,000. Projects were selected for their potential to impact the Foundation’s funding priorities of People, Progress and Partnership, as well as their connection to local priorities.

Following are descriptions of individual grants and the needs they will meet.

IU Health Methodist and University hospitals, Indianapolis – $200,000

  • Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Program In-Patient Expansion, IU Health University Hospital, Indianapolis – $200,000 for additional hospital beds to support an increase in transplant patients and to help continue to grow the program. The increase in beds will allow patients to remain in the same area of the hospital without having to be moved during their treatment.

East Central Region – $50,000 total

  • Home-Based Cardiac Rehab Technology, IU Health Ball Memorial, IU Health Blackford and IU Health Jay Hospital – $30,000 for programs that help vulnerable patients complete cardiac rehab sessions at home, when barriers prevent them attending facility-based hospital programs.
  • Empowering Moms for Better Health, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie – $6,200 to provide pregnant women with home tools to detect and manage hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. Reducing cardiovascular conditions and hypertensive disorders will reduce maternal mortality, which is alarmingly high in Indiana, especially among Black women.
  • Child Passenger Safety Simulator Training Seats, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie – $4,625 for seats that will be used for education with patients while in their hospital rooms to show proper car seat use for all parents and guardians. While most parents and caregivers are confident that they have correctly installed their child’s car seat, almost half (46%), have been installed incorrectly which increases the risk of injury or death. Providing this training to new parents will reduce the number of incorrectly installed car seats and help keep Hoosier children safe.
  • Expansion of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Education to Direct Care Nurses, IU Health Ball Memorial, IU Health Blackford and IU Health Jay hospitals – $2,030 to support and increase the understanding of EBP and how it aligns with nurses’ daily work. This professional development opportunity will help teach nurses how to empower their practice by utilizing the latest research in their care; providing an even higher level of quality-care to their patients.
  • Walking Path Signage, IU Health Ball Memorial, IU Health Blackford and IU Health Jay hospitals –- $7,145 for directional, motivational and distance signage to be installed on existing walking paths to help promote wellness by connecting with personal goals related to fitness, distance and time.

Indianapolis Suburban Region – $128,006 total

  • iPad Project, IU Health Joe & Shelly Schwarz Cancer Center, IU Health North Hospital, Carmel – $5,000 for iPads with rolling stands for patients undergoing cancer treatment to use while talking with their families while undergoing care in the hospital.
  • Clinical Education at IU Health North and IU Health West hospitals – $30,000 to develop and implement new clinical education programs that will help attract talented surgical team members to IU Health by offering new advancements in healthcare training.
  • Fishers Fire Department Virtual Behavioral Health Partnership, IU Health Saxony Hospital, Fishers – $40,000 to provide virtual psychiatric assessments and curbside consultations for individuals experiencing behavior-related incidents.
  • Naloxone Emergency Room Distribution at Discharge, IU Health West Hospital, Avon – $15,000 to provide naloxone kits to patients with addictions and who are at risk of repeat overdoses. In addition to having a better chance of survival when naloxone is readily available, these patients are more likely to participate in a longer-term recovery programs. Providing these kits to patients will help them learn how to effectively manage their addiction.
  • Indianapolis Suburban Region Wellness Committee Parks Initiative -- $10,000 to help provide state park passes for team members in the Indianapolis Suburban Region (ISR). The ISR wellness committee will meet to determine the best way to distribute passes to team members in order to purchase the maximum number of passes possible.
  • Dementia Friends, IU Health Tipton Hospital – $3,901 for activity and comfort items to support patients with dementia and reduce agitation and anger during hospitalizations and ER visits.
  • Echocardiography Tables, IU Health Tipton Hospital – $14,205 for state-of-the-art echocardiography tables that allow for better diagnostic views and improve imaging quality. The new tables will make it easier for patients to transition to and from treadmills for stress tests and reduce the risk of back pain for technicians. The equipment will help the hospital achieve its goal of ensuring 95% of all echocardiograms result without technical error.
  • Car Seat Program, IU Health Tipton Hospital – $5,000 for car seats for children whose families can’t afford them. The program will distribute regular booster seats, high-back booster seats with harnesses and convertible seats to ensure patients of all ages have a proper car seat that will keep them safe in the event of an accident.
  • Relaxation Room, IU Health Tipton Hospital – $2,400 to equip a room for nursing staff to relax and recharge while on break. When team members are stressed, compassion fatigue can develop and negatively impact the patient experience. Creating this space will result in a healthy work environment, ensuring patients have the highest level of care.
  • Bears for Kids, IU Health Tipton Hospital – $2,500 for small stuffed animals to give to distressed and frightened children in the ER, as well as those who are undergoing dental surgery.

South Central Region – $103,634

  • Orange County Schools Telehealth, IU Health Paoli Hospital – $47,920 for a program that provides virtual behavioral healthcare for teens in sixth to 12th grades in rural Indiana. This funding will support the continuation of school-based services at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School and add services at Paoli High School.
  • CPR Support, IU Health Bloomington, IU Health Bedford and IU Health Paoli hospitals – $27,322 for equipment that will be used for public CPR training in Monroe and Lawrence counties. CPR can reduce deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest, which is the greatest cause of death in most Indiana communities. For every minute that CPR is not initiated, survival falls by 7-10%. Providing this training will help save Hoosier lives.
  • Pharmacist-Led Remote Hypertension Monitoring, IU Health Bloomington Hospital – $17,000 for Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors that patients will use at home and that allow results to be transmitted to provider offices. Remote monitoring will allow for immediate treatment adjustments and will help make advancements in telehealth.
  • Platelet Agitator, IU Health Paoli Hospital – $9,326 for equipment that will allow the obstetrics and gynecology department to obtain platelets immediately while on site, which will improve outcomes related to maternal and infant mortality. Platelets are not quickly available at IU Health Paoli on a 24/7 basis, and it takes a minimum of 2-3 hours to obtain platelets via STAT courier. This new equipment will help improve the lives of moms and babies in rural Indiana by ensuring platelets are always available.
  • Music and Recreational Therapy, IU Health Bloomington Hospital – $2,066 to add music therapy and additional art therapy interventions for the Behavioral Health unit team members to use to treat patients with mental health and substance use disorders (SUD). Recreational therapists will use music to foster creative outlets and encourage positive communication for their patients. communication for their patients.

West Central Region – $121,638 total

  • Dry Needling Specialist Certification, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $6,028 for a physical therapist to be trained in dry needling, a technique producing results in relieving patients’ pain and increasing function. Currently, only three therapists in the region are certified in dry needling. Providing this training to additional clinicians will help create an easy path for future therapists who wish to pursue this as the future needs of their clinics grow.
  • Immittance Machine, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $10,565 for additional testing equipment in the audiology department. The staff will benefit from having multiple machines which will better enhance patient experience and reduce wait time.
  • Certification Resource Library, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $2,205 for additional education materials for nurses pursuing certifications. When IU Health nurses participate in advanced trainings, they enhance their clinical knowledge, which allows them to administer an even higher quality of care to our patients.
  • Vein Viewer Vision 2 Imaging System, IU Health White Memorial Hospital, Monticello – $14,305 for additional equipment that helps start intravenous catheters in patients. The machine, which is easy to use with minimal training, increases “first stick success” and provides accurate and safe vein visualization for clinicians. It will help increase patient satisfaction and provide a more comfortable hospital stay.
  • CCRN Education for Certification, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $3,207 to provide education materials helping nurses earn a certification for providing direct beside care to acute and/or critically ill adult patients.
  • Faces Foundation/PHIL Award, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $2,000 to support respiratory therapists through the Family And Caregiver Education & Support (FACES) Foundation.
  • Halo Bassinets, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $70,000 for state-of-the-art bassinets that promote safe sleep habits for newborn babies and reduced physical stress to new mothers recovering from childbirth.
  • Women’s Health Training, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $6,871 for a physical therapist to complete courses in women's health to provide specialized physical therapy services for pelvic floor rehab and pregnancy- and post-partum-related women's health issues.
  • IV Poles, IU Health White Memorial Hospital, Monticello – $1,957 for new IV stands and poles that are easier for patients and providers to manipulate. These poles have a smaller base and are shorter, which makes them more ergonomically sound for both patients and providers.
  • Intensive Care Unit Rounding Carts, IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette – $4,500 for a state-of-the-art portable workstation for use during rounds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The workstation accommodates multidisciplinary staff members and patients’ family members, as well as allows staff to be able to share X-rays and scans instantly and while in the patient’s treatment room.

“We are so grateful to the generous donors who allowed us to make these grants,” said Hinson Miller. "Their support and commitment to IU Health ensures that every Hoosier has access to high-quality care. It also helps us achieve our mission of making Indiana a healthier state.”

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