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June 01, 2021

Frankfort "Tops Off" new hospital

IU Health Frankfort Hospital


Topping Off marks an important milestone in a construction project. It marks the end of the structural phase of the project. Putting these steel plates into place represents our commitment to the community. By this time next year, we will be cutting a ribbon to open the new hospital that will ensure that the Clinton County community has continued access to high quality healthcare.

Topping off ceremonies are an age-old tradition that announces – progress is underway. For those on the construction job, it is a moment to celebrate, mark a milestone and announce the project is nearing completion.

The history of the topping off ceremony seems to have humble beginnings in Scandinavian cultures, so humble in fact, there is no clear record of why or when the practice began. It is generally agreed the first topping off ceremony occurred on much smaller-scale projects in Holland and have evolved as construction projects changed over time.

The symbols

  • The steel plates symbolize the strength of the building.
  • An evergreen tree is the symbol of the longevity of the building.
  • The US Flag symbolizes our patriotism and the freedoms we enjoy.

At the heart of it is a celebration of a safe construction site and a blessing for a safe completion. Most importantly it is about the skilled labor crew working in all types of weather to build the framework of our new hospital where we will deliver on our promise to deliver the best care, designed for you, close to home.

Labor Crew and work for Clinton County's hospital