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December 02, 2020

IU Health Frankfort Hospital now open

IU Health Frankfort Hospital

IU Health Frankfort Hospital now open

The new IU Health Frankfort Hospital is open and ready to serve you. A fence around the old hospital provides direction to the new entrance. Convenient parking is available right outside the entrance.

The new patient-experience-centered hospital is a single-story facility that is approximately 48,000 square -feet. A thirty-foot-high vaulted main lobby serves as a focal point from the street as well as a central gathering and waiting space for the hospital.

The new emergency department looks modern and sophisticated with 10 spacious private bays, trauma bays and a room specifically designed to handle any unforeseen decontamination needs the community may encounter. The lab is housed within the emergency department to reduce result turnaround time and decrease patient wait times.

The spacious inpatient rooms come equipped with a computer allowing the medical staff to read and update charts while conversing with the patient and support persons. The increased room size includes a larger bathroom area which will accommodate wheelchairs.

The new physical and occupational therapy area has a large open gym space with unobstructed views to provide better patient-therapist interaction. Three private treatment rooms with attached restrooms allow privacy and easy access for our Lymphedema and Women’s health patients.

Our new radiology department boasts 3D mammography, a wide bore MRI, Fluoroscopy, CT Scan, and Ultrasound equipment to help identify the specific condition, disease or illness being treated.

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