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March 04, 2022

New program offers TLC to patients with breast cancer

New program offers TLC to patients with breast cancer

By IU Health Senior Journalist, T.J. Banes,

She’s been a nurse for 11 years, working at on the medical-surgical floor at IU Health Methodist Hospital. But in a single day Christina Brown became a patient.

On Feb. 4 Brown made an appointment for her first mammogram. The American Cancer Society recommends women with average risk of breast cancer begin annual mammograms at age 45. Brown turned 35 on October 1st and has no family history of breast cancer.

Pain in her left breast and a hardness in her nipple prompted Brown to seek medical advice. IU Health West Dr. Jennifer Medley, a radiologist, reviewed the mammogram. An ultrasound and biopsy followed and showed cancer in Brown’s breast. In the care of Dr. Anna Roshal with IU Health North Schwarz Cancer Center, she started a chemotherapy regimen followed by a mastectomy. She is preparing to begin radiation.

The day of her mastectomy in early September Brown was gifted with a camisole, specially designed for patients with breast cancer.

Through the efforts of IU Health University Hospital manager of CompleteLife, Lindsay Burlowski, IU Health North manager of hematology/oncology clinic Anna Bredensteiner, and IU Health West oncology social worker Michelle Hoy, a grant was secured specifically to pamper patients with breast cancer.

Michelle Hoy pampering patient

Interested patients can schedule a bra and camisole fitting with Terry Augspurger; receive a $50 wig coupon, and a green tea box for skin care during radiation.

Brown learned about the complimentary service through Dr. Roshal’s office.

“I tried on a couple of camisoles before surgery and then a couple more arrived by mail after my surgery,” said Brown, who is married to John Brown and the mother of two boys ages 4 and 7.

“The camisoles are soft, and supportive but not too tight to disturb the incision site,” she said. A Velcro strip secures a pouch for the drainage holder. There are also two adjustable cloth prosthetics.

“It’s just a nice touch to have something so thoughtful when you’re going through something like this,” said Brown.

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