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July 09, 2021

Video: New treatment gives hope, time to patients with glioblastoma

Video: New treatment gives hope, time to patients with glioblastoma

Chris Bachmann is a patient battling an aggressive and cancerous brain tumor known as glioblastoma. After an initial surgery and other traditional therapies could not keep Chris' tumor from growing back, IU Health's multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists developed a plan involving a cutting-edge treatment called GammaTile therapy.

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"With the typical process, the patients undergo surgery to remove the tumors and then they have to have some post-operative recovery time, a few weeks, before we can think about doing radiation," said Dr. Gordon Watson, an IU Health radiation oncologist. "In that time, some of these really aggressive tumors can actually start growing again. Now we can place these tiles right at the time of surgery so it obviates that delay and it also delivers radiation to right where it's needed most."

Chris is the first patient in Indiana to receive GammaTile therapy.

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