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Residents thanked for living the IU Health Way

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Residents thanked for living the IU Health Way

During a recent visit to the West Central Region of IU Health, Dennis Murphy, president of IU Health, stopped by the Arnett Family Medicine Resident Program to thank the residents for living the IU Health Way. The Residents hosted a lunch for all team members in the Family Medicine office to show their appreciation for the support they provide on a daily basis.

Dr. Noor Bakroun, PGY-2 resident, stated, “Thank you to everyone for your support as we embark through the most important part of our medical career. I thought my undergraduate years would be the most memorable; then I thought my medical school years would be the most memorable to me, but really, it is this residency program I am in with all of you as part of it that will the most memorable to me. Looking forward to the next half of this program!”

Dr. Mustafa Hussain, PGY-2 resident, also said, “This lunch is an opportunity to appreciate all clinic staff for the wonderful work they do on a daily basis. It is a way for us, the Residents, to show gratitude. We truly enjoy the time we spend working in our clinic, and a huge part of that is due to the support, kindness, and hard work displayed by the front desk team, MAs, NPs, triage nurses, and all team members. They are not only an example of excellent team members, but also are an example of genuine people.”

Murphy also thanked the Family Medicine team for supporting the Residents. “Your role is essential in helping to train the Residents. You truly are shaping the future of healthcare and delivering on our promise.”

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