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Showing compassion is the easy part, says RN Heidi Jordan

IU Health White Memorial Hospital

Showing compassion is the easy part, says RN Heidi Jordan

The team at IU Health White Memorial wanted to thank Heidi Jordon, RN, BSN, oncology for her compassionate care, team work and delivering on our promise to provide the best care, designed for each patient. That thank you was delivered by president and CEO of IU Health Dennis Murphy.

I wanted to thank you for the compassion and purpose you display for every patient who walks through our door. A cancer diagnosis is not an easy pill to swallow yet patients tell us that you are that ray of sunshine that brightens their day. You care, you listen and you become a part of the family.

Your fellow team members love that you invite them to gather and celebrate that final chemo treatment with a certificate of completion and a little celebration for the patient and family members. I understand there are usually plenty of hugs and tears to share.

Thank you for following your purpose, providing compassionate care and involving the team in celebration.

What unfolds is a great message on providing compassionate care every day.