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April 22, 2021

TCC Gives’ donated iPads help IU Health patients and families connect

TCC Gives’ donated iPads help IU Health patients and families connect

The isolation created by the COVID-19 pandemic has weighed heavily on everyone, but it has been especially difficult for hospitalized patients and their families. While technology has been helpful in allowing them to connect, hospitals typically have a limited supply of devices that can be used by patients and their families.

TCC Gives has helped to increase that supply by donating 33 iPads to hospitals.

A corporate giving initiative funded by a percentage of profits from the nationwide Verizon retailer TCC and other fundraising projects, TCC Gives is headed by Julie Moorehead, an IU Health Foundation philanthropy council member. She and her husband, Scott, own Round Room, a holding company that includes TCC, Wireless Zone, Culture of Good and Redux.

Since COVID-19 arrived on U.S. shores, TCC has donated 600 refurbished iPads to 24 organizations across the country so that people isolated in hospitals, nursing homes or elsewhere can connect with loved ones. While the iPads aren’t the newest-generation devices like the ones used in Verizon stores, they still work well.

Julie is quick to give credit for the idea to Vicktoria Cothron, a TCC IT department employee who realized that the older iPads could help solve a community problem. “While our offices were still closed, Tori went in and rounded up hundreds of iPads, wiped the old data and got them ready to donate,” said Julie. “Then, Samuel Simmons on our warehouse team handled distribution. He hand-delivered the donations in and around Indy.”

TCC Gives focuses heavily on helping employees make a difference by providing programs, resources and grant opportunities that encourage volunteerism, support charitable initiatives and improve communities where TCC operates. With this project, the organization showed that it practices what it preaches.

“Our team is really passionate about local giving, and they come up with creative ways to help,” said Julie.

TCC Gives’ flagship program, “More than a Phone,” donates smart phones and data service to nonprofits that help survivors of domestic violence. When faced with a traumatic life event, the reassurance of being connected can help reduce stress. The iPad donation is no different.

“It’s especially heartbreaking to think of patients receiving end-of-life care who can’t have family members with them, so we’re pleased to do what we can to help provide a communication option,” said Julie.

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in micro and genetic biology from Purdue and a master’s degree in philanthropic studies from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI.