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August 02, 2022

Together in love, together in shape

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

Together in love, together in shape

Getting in shape can be challenging, which is why IU Health team member Abigail Freeman, CMA, and her husband Joel Freeman knew they had to have each other's back to get the weight off for good. The third member of their team was Ideal Protein.

In ten months, the two lost a combined 150 pounds by following the Ideal Protein program.

The program consists of three phases (Weight Loss, Stabilization, and Maintenance) designed to help participants set, reach and maintain their weight loss goals. During the weight loss phase, individuals limit their carbohydrate intake and can pick from a selection of Ideal Protein foods for healthier alternatives. For Abigail Freeman, a certified medical assistant at IU Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Bloomington, having these options made following the program simple.

"Once I got the hang of it, it was surprisingly easy because I'm a really picky eater," she said. "I found the foods I liked, and that's what I ate."

Fifty pounds lighter, Abigail Freeman is now in the maintenance phase, while Joel has dropped 100 pounds. It's made a huge difference in their family life.

"Before the program, my husband would get winded just walking to the bathroom in our house, and now he can walk around to go shopping, and he can play football with our son and not get winded after several minutes," she said.

While the Ideal Protein program is open to all, there are special benefits for IU Health team members. These include reduced pricing and Healthy Results points for participation.

Call 812.355.6943 to learn more about the Ideal Protein program at 550 S. Landmark Ave.

To reach coach Lisa Prickel at IU Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, 2605 E. Creek's Edge Dr, call 812.355.4974 or email