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June 18, 2021

Transplant Gratitude Triggers New Fund

Transplant Gratitude Triggers New Fund

Technically, Jerome Josephs received a kidney when he underwent a transplant at IU Health in 2007. But, in his family’s eyes, he received time.

“My father got to experience 10 more years of life,” said his daughter, Marni Grossman, “which included the birth of grandchildren and great grandchildren, bar mitzvahs and weddings. Ten more years with his wife … they made it to 56 years, and he made it to almost 90 years old.”

To acknowledge that incredible gift of time, Marni and her family have made a gift to IU Health Foundation, directing it to three specific areas of care that made a difference in Jerome Josephs’ transplant journey. Those areas include:

  • The Jerome Josephs Fund for Transplant Innovation. Recognizing that they work in a highly technical and continually evolving area, funds will help IU Health transplant team members remain on the forefront of transplant medicine, contributing not just to care in Indiana but also to the advancement of transplant medicine worldwide.
  • The Jerome Josephs Fund for Transplant Team Enrichment. Mr. Josephs’ family was particularly impressed and moved by the compassionate, humane care he received before, during and after his transplant. This fund will provide for ongoing staff training, development and enrichment, to ensure team members have the training and job fulfillment to continue to provide inspiring, life-giving care.
  • The Jerome Josephs Fund for Family Support. The transplant journey brings with it some big financial and personal burdens for families, including the fact that families from outside the Indianapolis area can have a hard time affording to stay near their loved ones. Funds will help to provide for short-term housing assistance, keeping families together throughout the transplant journey and freeing up family funds for other needs.

Marni joined the virtual team transplant event “Transplant Matters” where she had the opportunity to thank them, saying this gift is “an acknowledgment of extraordinary service from your institution and as gratitude for the life you gave to our family in so many ways.”

Known for his upbeat persona and sense of humor, Jerome Josephs spent some of his extra time teaching grandchildren how to play golf. Marni said he instilled in them the strategy that he applied to life as well as to golf: “Always go for the hole when you’re in sight of the green."

Marni said, "His attitude of always going for the gold really has infiltrated our family, and certainly him in working so hard to get a kidney.”

With this gift, the Grossman family hopes to pass along that same sense of optimism and possibility to other families taking the transplant journey.

Giving is part of the healing process

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Giving is part of the healing process