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August 10, 2021

Transplant team member recognized for exceptional patient care

IU Health University Hospital

Transplant team member recognized for exceptional patient care

For the past two years this health care provider has worked with patients in the transplant unit of IU Health University Hospital. She believes that is where she is meant to be.

By IU Health Senior Journalist, T.J. Banes,

It was 20 years ago when Alisa Langford-Sharp started her career with IU Health. She began working in housekeeping and then worked as a patient care assistant in surgery.

After a year, Sharp was contracted to work in research – a partnership with Eli Lilly.

As part of her research position Sharp spent hours working in data entry – a job she had for eight years. She and her sister, Carron Stephens shared an office. When the research area closed, Sharp took a job in dietary. Two years ago she moved to the transplant team at IU Health University Hospital.

“I’ve done a little bit of everything but I think transplant is where I belong. You see patients come in so very sick and then become so healthy after transplant,” said Sharp, 58. “I like that I get to see them even after they leave the hospital because they come back for clinic visits.” Her role is a combination of secretarial work and patient care including checking vitals, walking patients, performing EKGs, and drawing blood.

Sharp’s work recently earned her a “Tulip Award” recognizing exceptional patient care.

Her hand-written nomination read: “She was caring, listened to what I needed and helped as she could. She was gentle, yet firm (she made me do things I needed to do but didn’t think I could). We connected about family and faith and she made me look forward to seeing her smiling face.”

The Tulip Award is a quarterly award presented to a support staff member who is calm, focused, communicative and caring; someone who is a team player and understands the little things make a big difference; someone who is attentive to the emotional and psychological needs of patients; and someone who exemplifies the values of IU Health – “team,” “compassion,” “excellence,” and “purpose.” Patients, family members, and employees nominate award winners.

“It is with ease that I can say this unit functions at its best with her presence. Her commitment and dedication, not only to her work, but to our patients, resonates excellence and such a high standard of care,” said Organ Transplant Nurse and Shift Coordinator Megan Sumner.

When she’s not working at IU Health, Sharp enjoys baking. She is especially known for her potato pie and peach cobbler – both recipes passed down from a restaurant her family owned for a number of years.



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