The Future of Spine Surgery

Augmented reality revolutionizes neurosurgery in Bloomington

At IU Health Bloomington, teams are positively impacting patients' lives by combining high-quality patient care and leading-edge technology.

Bloomington neurosurgeons Jason Voorhies, MD, and Bryan Wohlfeld, MD, are revolutionizing their patient care with a state-of-the-art augmented reality tool that allows them to perform minimally invasive spine surgeries with exceptional precision.

"I’ve been very happy with the results that my patients have achieved," says Voorhies. "I’ve had several patients who had just wonderful relief of their back pain and nerve pain, and they’re very happy."

Learn more about this leading-edge technology in the video below:

doctor performing spine surgery

IU Health Bloomington neurosurgeons utilize augmented reality to perform minimally invasive spine surgeries with exceptional precision.

Featured Providers

Jason M. Voorhies, MD

Spine Surgery | Neurosurgery

Jason Voorhies, M.D. joined IU Health from practices in Toledo, Ohio, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. He selected neurosurgery due to his passion for the nervous system and improving people's lives. His philosophy is to find the least-invasive way to treat patients and improve quality of life.

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Bryan J. Wohlfeld, MD

Spine Surgery | Neurosurgery

Practicing in Bloomington, Indiana, neurosurgeon Bryan Wohlfeld, M.D. specializes in treating complex and degenerative spine conditions, such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and myelopathy.

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