Women’s Health

Indiana University Health physicians improve women’s well-being through personalized, patient-centered healthcare. Our highly skilled physicians provide services throughout Indiana, offering convenient care for women at every stage of life.

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Women’s Health is designated as a Baby Friendly Hospital by the World Health Organization and the premier facility for the care of women and children in south central Indiana. Our expert physicians have advanced training and years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.

Our services include:

  • A special care nursery for infants who are born prematurely or are in need of ventilation or other special needs, as well as newborns with mothers requiring ongoing medical care
  • A full-service pediatric unit that is staffed by nurses with extensive training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Our365™ newborn, in-hospital photos and online password-protected photo viewing
  • 22 private post-partum patient rooms in our beautifully decorated unit
  • Fully-certified nursing staff with PALS and neonatal resuscitation
  • Free car seat safety checks by appointment only
  • Family-centered philosophy at all levels of pediatric care and "rooming-in" for newborns
  • Neonatal transition nurses to assist following birth to ensure immediate skin-to-skin contact between mothers and newborns and encourage breastfeeding
  • Daily, individual visits from board certified pediatricians who examine your baby in your room
  • Rental program for hospital-grade breast pump equipment

Childbirth Preparation Classes

At IU Health Bloomington Hospital Women’s Health, we believe each birth is as special and unique as the new life it brings. A childbirth class allows you to learn more about what to expect during birth and how you can best prepare for the birth you want for your baby.

Highly-qualified and specially-trained obstetrical nurses from IU Health Bloomington Hospital lead our childbirth classes. You learn about the normal progression of labor, what to anticipate during your birth experience and how to use breathing and relaxation skills during labor. In addition, your partner learns how to give you the support you need. We also offer classes specific to breastfeeding for moms-to-be. Registration is required. Please use our online Events and Classes section to register.

Labor & Delivery

IU Health Bloomington Hospital Women’s Health is designed with the comfort of mom, baby and family in mind. From our brightly decorated labor and delivery rooms to the loungers nearby for your partner, we are here to make your birthing experience relaxing and enjoyable.

Before your big day, we encourage you to schedule an in-person tour of our facilities. Our family birth center focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of you and your baby. We have many private labor and delivery and post-partum rooms that are fully equipped with monitors needed for safe childbirth.

Our services include:

  • Level ll newborn nursery. We have the area's most advanced Level II newborn nursery, which includes the largest nursing staff, a comprehensive medical staff and intensive security measures.
  • Star Bright Beginnings. We provide multiple childbirth preparation classes.
  • Childbirth guide. Download our free guide to childbirth for patients and partners
  • Packing list. Our experienced nursing staff created this packing list specifically for your needs at IU Health Bloomington Hospital.
  • Birth wishes checklist. We have designed a birth wishes checklist so you can learn about the care and comfort options available to you before your stay. 
  • Pre-registration. You can pre-register at IU Health Bloomington Hospital for your maternity services.
  • Pre-admission questionnaire. In addition to pre-registering, we have a pre-admission questionnaire that will speed things along upon your arrival.
  • Snooze and snuggle time. This is a time set aside for mom to rest and bond with her baby. 
  • Lactation services. We offer inpatient consultations 365 days a year with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).
  • Wireless Internet access. During your stay we offer free wireless Internet access so you can browse the Internet or communicate with loved ones.
  • Newborn photos and online gallery. Our365™ provides in-room baby photography. You will be required to create and share a password to protect your privacy.
  • Hugs & Kisses Infant Protection System™. This security system prevents unauthorized exits from the unit.

Every family is assigned a team of obstetricians, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and nurses who are focused on the care of you and your baby.

Learn more about women’s and children resources and view a list of frequently asked questions about having a baby at IU Health Bloomington Hospital.

Lactation Services

At IU Health Bloomington Hospital Women’s Health, specially-trained lactation consultants are board certified and available to breastfeeding mothers—both during and after your hospital stay—to provide support and additional information about breastfeeding and pumping breastmilk. This is a key component to the hospital's ongoing commitment to enhancing the health of our youngest patients.

We encourage you to breastfeed. Our nurses are experts in the care and feeding of babies and want to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel competent in feeding, no matter what your choice.

Rooming In

At IU Health Bloomington Hospital Women and Children's Services, we believe mothers and babies belong together.

  • Although we provide expert 24 hour nursing care in the special care nursery, we encourage families to bond with their babies. Except for brief medical or nursing procedures, we support the growing evidence in the research that you and your baby will be healthier if you practice 24-hour rooming-in for your healthy, term baby.
  • Studies show moms do not get more sleep when their baby stays in the nursery at night. We encourage someone to stay with you at night on the sleep bed provided.
  • It is okay to put your baby’s needs, and yours, ahead of others right now. This is the time to be protective so that you have opportunities to learn how to care for your baby and yourself before you go home.
  • Get to know your baby’s behaviors and what they mean. It is now recognized that babies have amazing abilities to communicate their feelings. Take advantage of this time together to become acquainted with your baby’s cues.
  • Babies recognize their parents on several levels. They know your voice, your smell and your heartbeat. A crying baby is calmed quickly just by being placed close to its mother. It is obvious that your presence means the world to your baby!
  • Babies who room-in with their family experience a more homelike environment at night. It is quieter and darker in your room than in the nursery, which may ease the transition to day/night routines when you take your baby home. Your baby will also enjoy being the only baby in the room rather than one of several.
  • Watch your baby, not the clock. The clock does not rule newborns, so the timing and length of their feedings and naps will vary. This is normal. In time, you will find a routine that works for both of you.
  • Limit your company. Too much company can stress both parents and baby. Others can get to know your baby later. Ask staff if you need help with “traffic control.” Remember that your need to rest is more important than your company’s desire to see and hold your baby. We have Snooze & Snuggle Time from 3 pm – 5 pm to give you and baby a chance to rest and bond.
  • Please feel free to use your “Do not disturb” sign outside your door.
  • There is no need to worry that you are holding your baby too much. This is a time of transition for them since they were used to being “held” 24 hours a day before birth. They may, however, object to being passed around too much.
  • If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, ask for help. Our staff is trained to help keep you and your baby together.
  • Our Lullaby Lounge is located next to the nurse's desk on the Mother-Baby Unit. This is a place for your partner to bond with your baby if you would like to rest.