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Infectious Diseases

  • Always prepared to protect you.

    Always prepared to protect you.

    Our specialists work tirelessly to deliver the latest treatments related to infectious diseases.

Our specialists provide expertise in travel medicine, HIV, intravenous antibiotic therapy, and diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Whether you’re heading out of town and would like to update your vaccinations or have contracted an illness of unknown origin, Indiana University Health Infectious Disease specialists work diligently to properly diagnose, treat and care for patients with a wide range of needs.

Infectious Diseases Treatment

IU Health physicians know being diagnosed with an infectious disease can be a scary time for a patient. That’s why we are dedicated to the creation of individualized, comprehensive treatment plans that address all the needs of every patient. Furthermore, we strive to keep our patients healthy through preventative measures such as immunizations.


Select a Infectious Diseases condition below to access information from our Health Library as well as how IU Health can help.

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Care

    IU Health is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. All IU Health hospital locations offer screening tests for HIV/AIDS. The screening test looks for HIV antibodies using a sample of a patient’s blood or saliva. Furthermore, people who have already been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS can receive comprehensive and patient-centered care at IU Health. IU Health can also refer patients to clinical trials for advanced HIV and AIDS.

  • International Travel Related Health Concerns

    IU Health Infectious Diseases offers a travel vaccine and consultation clinic, which has the latest information on what vaccines are needed and how close to departure time you must get them. Services at the travel vaccine clinic also include advice on food and water precautions and insect protection. We advise making an appointment at least eight weeks before travel.

  • Infections

    IU Health Infectious Disease specialists provide care for patients with a wide range of infections. IU Health physicians can provide care for infections in soft tissue, ear and sinus canals, bones, joints and the heart. We also treat infections resulting from surgery and in cancer patients and other immunosuppressed patients.

  • Fevers of Unknown Origin

    A fever of unknown origin is a condition in which a patient has a raised temperature with no physical explanation. Since a fever is a potential symptom of many conditions, IU Health physicians use a variety tests and diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the elevated temperature.

Infectious Diseases Team

The highly skilled Infectious Disease specialists at IU Health have extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. The focused education and experience infectious disease specialists receive make them experts in how infections spread and how the body fights infections. Our specialists care for patients diagnosed with infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

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