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At Indiana University Health, our team of highly skilled physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists support you throughout your recovery. Our therapists provide services throughout Indiana to patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

Indiana University Health North Hospital Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation provides high-quality care for patients in a wide range of areas, including orthopedics, physical and occupational outpatient rehabilitation, speech-language pathology, women’s health rehabilitation and pediatric services. We offer one-on-one individualized care, along with the most advanced technologies available.

Whether you have a minor ankle sprain or a complex neurological deficit, our licensed therapists provide specialized programs using innovative therapies and the latest research. We help you get back to your daily routine using exercise, massage and many other noninvasive therapies. Our team of therapists works closely with you to help you achieve your treatment and rehabilitation goals in the hospital as well as our conveniently located outpatient clinics.

IU Health North Hospital gives you access to the latest advancements in rehabilitation techniques through our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Physical Therapy

Orthopedic therapists at IU Health North Hospital focus on the muscular and skeletal systems of the body, also called the musculoskeletal system. This includes the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. Therapists also work with patients after they have had orthopedic surgery. Typical surgeries include knee or hip replacements, rotator cuff repair and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repairs.

Treatments may include:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Joint and spine mobilization/manipulation
  • Neuromuscular reeducation
  • Hot/Cold packs
  • Therapeutic taping

Other physical therapies include:

  • Walking difficulties. This therapy is for patients who may have general walking difficulties or difficulties caused by other factors such as a stroke.
  • Pain management. Pain management services are for both acute injuries and chronic pain.
  • Vestibular/Balance training. Therapists provide assessment and rehabilitation for patients with vertigo, dizziness and various balance disorders.

Adult Speech & Occupational Therapy

At IU Health North Hospital, our occupational therapists help adults with varying diagnoses return to their daily living activities, such as dressing and bathing. Therapists use advanced manual therapy techniques, exercise and education to improve cognition, comprehension, coordination, strength, mobility and motor skills.

Our speech therapists work with patients who have difficulty understanding written or spoken words, feeding and swallowing or speaking clearly with appropriate annunciation or tone.

Services offered include:

IU Health North Hospital also offers occupational therapy and speech therapy to pediatric patients.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

IU Health North Hospital Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers a large pediatric program including physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Our therapists are skilled in working with children through evaluation and treatment to achieve the optimal development and functional abilities in a fun environment.

Our physical therapists plan therapeutic programs to assist children with their gross motor and movement skills. Areas of focus include tasks such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and/or walking.

Occupational therapists focus on the adaptive and fine motor skills that help children in their daily living activities. Some of these skills may include dressing, writing, eating and sensory integration.

Speech therapists help children with speech or language disorders develop communication skills. Therapy services range from voice and speech therapy, to memory/cognitive therapy and swallowing/dysphagia therapy.

Women’s Rehabilitation Services

IU Health North Hospital offers many therapy solutions for women. Pregnancy and childbirth may cause conditions that may require specific therapy techniques in order to relieve any pain or problems.

Our therapists help women with the following conditions:

Our Pelvic Health & Continence Program offers a comprehensive evaluation by specialized therapists and a hands-on approach. Incontinence refers to involuntary loss of the contents of either the bladder or the bowels. This is a common problem for both men and women and can affect individuals of all ages.

The goal is to help treat and improve this condition and possibly eliminate it through education, use of the latest technology, exercise and encouragement toward a healthy lifestyle. Instruction on specific exercises and self management techniques is individually tailored and focuses on stretching and strengthening muscles of the pelvic floor and lower abdomen. Patients are educated on dietary factors and daily habits that will help reduce or eliminate symptoms. 

Concussion & Vestibular Therapy

IU Health North Hospital offers concussion management and vestibular therapy services with a trained physical therapist.

Recovery for concussions includes resting both physically and mentally for a designated period of time. It is also important to be examined by our physicians who are trained in concussion evaluation. Once an athlete has been examined by a doctor, starting concussion management physical therapy is the next step.

Our vestibular therapy program is managed by our experienced physical therapists that have extensive knowledge in concussion management. They design a customized treatment program to address a variety of issues such as dizziness, balance coordination and neck problems.

Your physical therapist helps you to resume physical activity gradually, so that the brain and nervous system are not overloaded. They also provide exercises and training to reduce or stop dizziness and improve balance and coordination.

Zionsville Clinic Location

IU Health North Rehabilitation at Zionsville is excited to provide care for patients at their new location in the IU Health building on Stonegate Drive. The clinic offers orthopedic and rehabilitation services including:

  • Physical Therapy*
  • Pelvic Health & Continence Services
  • Vestibular Therapy Services

* Occupational and Speech Therapy services are not offered at the Zionsville location.

Lymphedema Services
The IU Health North Rehabilitation at Zionsville location also offers therapy treatments for Lymphedema.

Lymphedema occurs when there is more fluid to remove than your lymph system can handle.

One possible cause of lymphedema is surgery for cancer. Many times, lymph nodes are removed (to check if there is cancer in those nodes), possibly in addition to radiation therapy. Both procedures and treatments increase the chance of developing lymphedema since the lymphatic system may have less capacity to remove fluid, causing fluid retention and tissue swelling.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Program
We are also very excited to offer our Pediatric Physical Therapy Program to assist your child with their rehabilitation needs.

Our therapists have years of experience with the orthopedic and general rehabilitation patient as well as the pediatric patient and will provide you or your loved one with the specific services that will suit your rehabilitation needs.

Hazel Dell Clinic Location

IU Health North Rehabilitation at Hazel Dell Road is excited to offer orthopedic and rehabilitation services including:

  • General physical therapy
  • Concussion and vestibular therapy
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema

Additional Contact Information

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers services at IU Health North Hospital, at a clinic location in Zionsville and at a Noblesville clinic on Hazel Dell.

IU Health North Hospital Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
11700 N. Meridian Street
Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: 317.688.2021

* Located in the hospital Atrium across from the coffee bar. 

IU Health North Rehabilitation at Zionsville
6866 W. Stonegate Dr., Suite 106
Phone: 317.768.6045
Fax: 317.768.6046

IU Health North Rehabilitation - Hazel Dell
14645 Hazel Dell Rd, Suite 110
Noblesville, IN 46062
Phone: 317.678.4200
Fax: 317.678.4210