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Women’s Health

Indiana University Health Women's Health is devoted to improving women’s health in Indiana through quality-driven and patient-centered care throughout every stage of life. Our compassionate medical experts provide exceptional care and service to patients and strive to be the leaders in women’s healthcare for the state.

IU Health Women’s Health provides comprehensive care for women from adolescence to adulthood. In addition to general obstetrical and gynecologic care, we employ an expert staff of maternal fetal medicine physicians who specialize in high-risk obstetrics and provide prenatal diagnosis services.

IU Health Women’s Health promotes a “family-centered” approach to care that focuses on enhancing the integrity of the family unit. We recognize that your physical and emotional state is strongly influenced by the interaction and support of your families. Therefore, we provide a collaborative approach to care, involving experts from various specialties, in order to enhance patient and family outcomes throughout the lives of women and their children.

Services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Breast Health Care

    Breast health care includes teaching you how to do breast self-exams, treating benign fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer and a variety of other breast diseases and conditions. IU Health has experts who can address all of these issues and provide the latest breast cancer treatments to you.

  • Care for Every Stage of Life

    IU Health Women’s Health physicians have expertise in all phases of a woman’s life (adolescent, reproductive, menopausal/post-reproductive, elderly). Our experts include a pediatric/adolescent physician, general obstetricians and gynecologists, maternal fetal medicine specialists and physicians who specialize in menopausal symptoms and organ prolapse.

  • Gynecology

    One of the most important keys to women’s health is preventive care. Our gynecological team is passionate about keeping you healthy in every stage of life. From annual exams to menopause treatment, our teams are experts in their field and are often involved in research and education in new and innovative treatments.

  • High-Risk Obstetrics

    A woman’s pregnancy is considered high-risk if the mother or the baby has an increased chance of a health problem due to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or a congenital anomaly. IU Health Women’s Health is home to an expert staff of maternal fetal medicine (MFM) physicians in the state who specialize in high-risk pregnancies.

  • Lactation Support

    Although breastfeeding is a natural process, mothers and babies sometimes need help. Our certified lactation consultants are available after delivery to help you with common issues such as latching on, positioning and milk supply.

  • Maternity Services

    From routine deliveries to extremely high-risk deliveries, IU Health Women’s Health offers a complete spectrum of maternity services to help you deliver a happy, healthy baby. Maternity services are available throughout the state in 11 IU Health hospitals offering a variety of preparation classes and birthing options, including water births. Our maternity services include:

    Prenatal Care
    We can help every step of the way as you anticipate the birth of your child. As soon as you know you are expecting, contact your physician or nurse midwife to schedule your first prenatal visit; ideally, that should take place in the first three months of your pregnancy. You can also sign up for some of the many prenatal childbirth classes IU Health offers. Our classes educate you about pregnancy, childbirth and the early months of parenting. If you are expecting multiples, we can provide education and support for that as well. You may also schedule a tour of the maternity center.

    Breastfeeding Support
    IU Health offers education, support and professional care to help you and your baby have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience. We encourage breastfeeding and bonding, and we encourage you to keep your baby with you at all times if your baby is healthy and doesn’t require medical support. These early interactions help you develop a lasting, meaningful bond. Lactation consultants are available to support your use of various breastfeeding techniques to provide your baby with the best nutrition available. 

    While we encourage rooming-in after your baby is born, a nursery is available 24 hours per day. If your baby is expected to require intensive support after birth, a special team from our IU Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will be present at your delivery to provide the care your baby needs. IU Health has a Level III NICU staffed by neonatologists from Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to provide care to critically ill babies. Our staff will help you prepare for your baby's special needs as you return home.

  • NICU (and Pediatric Care)

    All hospitals in the IU Health system that provide maternity care have nurseries to provide care to newborn infants. A number of our hospitals have neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) that can care for babies with conditions such as respiratory distress, low blood sugar and temperature instability. For babies who are premature or have congenital anomalies that require surgery, IU Health has maternal fetal medicine physicians who work with the neonatologists at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to create a coordinated delivery plan to provide the best care for both you and your baby.

  • Perinatal and Parenting Education

    IU Health Women’s Health offers a number of perinatal and parenting education classes to support you and your family during this special time. We offer a full range of educational services during your pregnancy and beyond, including classes on preconception, early pregnancy, labor and birth preparation, preparing for life with baby, family education, parent classes and support groups.

  • Pelvic Medicine and Urogynecology

    Our urogynecology experts are dedicated to improving the lives of women with pelvic floor disorders, including pelvic organ prolapse and urinary and bowel incontinence. Our urogynecologists approach your care in a holistic and comprehensive manner, understanding that the organs and muscles of the female pelvic floor are interrelated and change over time with events such as childbirth and menopause.

We provide imaging services just for women

Cancer detection is another important part of women’s health. You want to receive the most accurate tests available to ensure you’ll get the earliest possible treatment should something be found.

Advances in imaging have given us powerful tools for early diagnosis of breast cancer. IU Health Women’s Health offers full-field digital mammograms and computer-aided detection (CAD) for exceptional accuracy. We also provide breast ultrasound, breast MRI and image-guided minimally invasive breast biopsy.

Our women’s imaging services are also dedicated to accurate diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

We’re building the future

Through our affiliation with Indiana University School of Medicine [Link to] we’re training the next generation of doctors through residencies and fellowships in several disciplines involved in women’s health. We also conduct research that will improve diagnosis and treatment of conditions specific to women.

As part of our service to women beyond the borders of Indiana, IU School of Medicine maintains a strong presence in Kenya. Our doctors there are helping to develop medical infrastructure to support women throughout the country.

IU Health was the first to use the da Vinci Surgical System® (robotic surgery) to treat benign tumors and cancer. We use the minimally invasive robotic surgery to treat specific conditions such as cancers of the reproductive system and endometriosis. Patients benefit from the minimally invasive technique due to smaller incisions (leading to smaller scars), reduced blood loss and a faster recovery time than traditional surgery.

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