The Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer treatment for Indiana's East Central region. We focus on prevention, early detection and treatment and are committed to making progress against cancer, as demonstrated by our dedication to clinical research.

Our multidisciplinary team—including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, dietitians, physical therapists, chaplains, social workers and pharmacists—develops an effective, personalized treatment plan for your needs. We offer the highly advanced technologies and the latest treatment options including:

We work with you to help you cope with both the immediate and long-term effects of the disease offering education, nutritional assessments, cancer rehabilitation and pastoral care. Staffed by trained volunteers from the American Cancer Society and Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital Volunteer Resources, our on-site Cancer Resource Center provides support and resources to patients and caregivers dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Services at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital are fully accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer (CoC), a national gold standard in cancer care. In addition, our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Indiana University Health Melvin & Bren Simon Cancer Center, the only cancer center in Indiana with National Cancer Institute designation, gives you access to leading edge treatments and innovative cancer research. 

Medical Oncology

The medical oncologists and nurse practitioners at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital provide cancer treatment and symptom management to our patients while preserving dignity and self worth. Medical oncology is available to patients in east central Indiana, at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital and Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center at Forest Ridge in New Castle.

Our specially trained cancer team puts together a care plan to meet your needs and works with you and your family throughout your treatment to ensure your comfort. For your best interest, we ask that friends and families with cold and flu symptoms, or other infectious diseases, avoid visiting the hospital. Please check in at the nurse’s station to receive special permission and/or equipment to enter patient rooms.

Download Medical Oncology Brochure

Radiation Oncology

The IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center Radiation Oncology department is committed to providing the latest treatment advances in cancer care. Our radiation oncologists are proud to provide advanced technology in a warm and compassionate environment.

Radiation therapy is the treatment of illness with a source of radiation. The radiation sources used in radiation therapy are similar to X-rays used to detect a broken leg, a tooth cavity or pneumonia. You cannot feel, hear, smell or taste these X-rays of energy (radiation). The radiation sources used in treating illnesses are X-rays, gamma rays and electrons. The amount of radiation given during each radiation treatment is greater than the amount given for diagnostic studies.

Daily treatments will be scheduled depending upon your preference and availability (usually it will be the same time each day). On routine treatment days, treatments usually take 15 to 30 minutes. It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that are easy to remove. You will be given a coded card to be used each day to speed up your check in at the front desk.

Download Radiation Therapies Brochure

Prevention & Screenings

Our Cancer Education Program promotes healthy lifestyle choices for adults and children, and is available free to the community. The 30-minute presentations feature an education video and question and answer sessions. To learn more about these programs or to schedule a presentation, call 765.741.2938.

The IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center also offers free colorectal screening tests. This test, taken at home, detects blood in an individual's bowel movement. To learn more about colorectal cancer or to request a free screening test, please call 765.741.2938.

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is offering a Lung Cancer Screening Program for patients who are considered at high risk. To schedule a lung cancer screening call 765.751.2727. There is a $49 charge for this screening.

Ask about other cancer screenings, free and open to the public, including:

  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Skin cancer screening

Call 765.741.2938 for more information. 

Psychosocial Services

IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center is committed to providing expert medical treatment complemented by psychosocial care. We offer the following services to help you deal with the stress of a cancer diagnosis:

  • Cancer exercise program. Exercise during cancer has been shown to reduce fatigue, increase vigor and strength, improve mood and boost the immune system. In addition, education classes are included in the program, which provide information on topics related to cancer and personal well-being. For more information, view the Spotlight on Cancer Exercise call 765.751.5304. or download a printable Cancer Exercise Program brochure.
  • Spiritual care and chaplain services. For many people, spirituality or faith provides a source of support and comfort during this time. A chaplain can be reached anytime by notifying a nurse or staff person or by calling the hospital operator at 765.747.4408.
    Download printable Spiritual Care brochure.
  • Social services. Our social worker is here to connect you and your family with an array of services to help make your journey a more positive experience. This includes home care services, counseling and other community resources. If you would like to speak to the cancer center social worker, please call 765.751.1449.
  • Cancer Registry. The Cancer Registry collects and analyzes all reportable cancers diagnosed and/or treated at the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center. Data is maintained, analyzed and reported for the purpose of research and quality improvement analysis. Call 765.747.3025 to speak to the lead registrar.
  • Nutritional services. A well-nourished body can aid in recuperation from surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and stress, as well as build new tissues and prevent tissue breakdown and weight loss. Our oncology dietitian works directly with you to assess nutritional status and provide individualized nutrition care. For more information, view the Spotlight on Dietitians or call 765.747.3273.
  • Financial services representative. The Patient Access Services Financial Service Representative can help you with all financial related concerns, including Medicaid enrollment, food stamps (SNAP), medication and co-pay assistance, billing and accounting assistance and more. For more information, please call 765.751.5825.
  • Education and support. Our full-time educational coordinator is available help you understand and cope with the changes that occur after a cancer diagnosis by providing access to relevant and understandable information. 
  • Counseling. Our staff of mental health professionals provides free support for the many issues that may affect you and your family during a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. For more information please call 765.751.1449.
    Download printable Cancer Counseling brochure.
  • Strength of Friends website. This free service allows friends and family to establish a team website to coordinate schedules for meals, childcare, or errands, as well as post photos and blog updates to stay connected and provide support. 

Additional Contact Information

To sign up for a clinical trial, call:
IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center: 765.751.5850
IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Medical Research: 765.747.8458.
View the clinical trials at the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center and IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

View additional department phone numbers.

View the 2016 Cancer Center Annual Report and Screening Outcomes.

      View past screening outcomes (2012-2015)

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