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Are Headaches Driving You Crazy?


“If you have chronic headaches, talk to your doctor about what triggers them, how long they last, and how debilitating they are,” suggests Alicia Almeida Ponce, MD, a family doctor with Indiana University Health. Common tension-type or stress headaches, which are often caused by tightening of the muscles in the neck and scalp, will usually go away with some rest and over-the-counter painkillers, but for people who suffer from cluster headaches or migraines, the symptoms can much more…

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December Bariatric Support Groups

11/30/2015 | Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss

IU Health ~ Bariatric Support Group Information December 3 6:00 p.m.  IU Health Arnett Hospital Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group, Rm AG411 December 7 6:00 p.m.  IU Health North Bariatric, Room K130  Protein tasting. (Arrive early, seating is limited.) 6:00 p.m.  IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group December 17 9:00 a.m.  IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group Support…

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Should You Crowdfund the Cost of Having a Baby?


A growing number of would-be parents are asking family, friends and even strangers to help them pay for adoptions, fertility procedures and even surrogate pregnancies. In fact, in 2015,, a popular fundraising site, revealed that the numbers of couples seeking donations for fertility treatments has soared from 242 couples in 2012 to nearly 1,500 in 2015. Also included in that number were couples seeking funds to adopt a child. Total donations for adoptions or fertility treatments topped…

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The Stomach Bug You Can Get From a Hug


If you find yourself sick to your stomach over the holidays, it could be from that questionable turkey-and-pickle sandwich, but the more likely culprit may be that adorable five-year-old who gave you a big kiss and hug. “Children often pick up a stomach virus at school, and they pass it on to all the adults in the house,” says Tamika Dawson-Knox, M.D., a family doctor at Indiana University Health. “I’ll often see several children with stomach flu one week, and then the next…

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Are You Cybersick? Avoid This Growing Health Problem


Ever had a dizzy spell or headache shortly after scrolling quickly through your social media account? There’s a name for this phenomenon—it’s called cybersickness. According to Indiana University Heath otolaryngologist Charles Yates, M.D., the woozy feeling some of us get when we use our digital devices (that includes smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs) could be the result of a lack of "sensory integration." In this case, the problem arises when you have a visual sense of movement…

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