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Injury Report Weekly – Week 9

10/31/2014 | Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Get the latest insights from this week's episode of Injury Report Weekly where IU Health Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert Klitzman and certified athletic trainer Brandon Spack analyze key NFL injuries and make recommendations for your fantasy football lineups. This week’s report and analysis includes: Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys (discussion begins at 0:41) Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins (discussion begins at 4:40) Alex Smith, QB, Kansas City Chiefs…

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Childhood Diabetes: What You Need to Know

10/31/2014 | TreatmentsDiabetes & Endocrinology

November marks American Diabetes Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014, 9.3% of Americans have diabetes and approximately .25% of those people – 208,000 individuals – are below the age of 20. There are several things you can do to prevent your child’s chances of getting diabetes. It starts with making healthier choices for yourself and your child. To combat your child’s risk of type 2 diabetes,…

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Top 7 EAP Questions Answered

10/30/2014 | Community

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a 24/7 resource, provided by an employer that offers counseling, referral and coaching services. These programs are designed to help organizations and their employees prevent and cope with issues that could affect workplace performance. Often, individuals are cautious about contacting an EAP, and have many questions about how utilizing an EAP can affect them. Frequently, there is a stigma of social rejection in the workplace surrounding the use of EAPs and…

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When to Call the Doctor: Depression and Anxiety in Your Child

10/30/2014 | TreatmentsMental Health

As a parent, monitoring your child’s emotional state can be challenging. Particularly with teenagers, it can be tough to know whether your teen is experiencing typical adolescent angst or something more serious, like clinical depression. Depression can affect children and adolescents in many of the same ways it affects adults. Symptoms of depression in children may include: Changes in sleep patterns, including needing more sleep or getting less of it Difficulty concentrating or feeling that…

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November 2014 Bariatric Support Groups

10/30/2014 | Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss

IU Health Bariatrics offers free monthly support groups, in addition to the many support groups that are run by patients in other areas of Central Indiana. IU Health Bariatrics understands how important support is in accomplishing your health and weight loss goals. Everyone, from any program, including friends and family, is always welcome! With the holidays approaching, some may feel that they need extra support to stay on track. So if you have not attended a support group meeting in a long time…

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