An Image of Cancer in our Community 

Imagine...a future with less cancer...A future that, because of advanced technologies and the talent of dedicated health care professionals, has better outcomes for cancer survival.

At IU Health Cancer Centers Bloomington, we work toward that future one patient at a time. We invite you to take a look at cancer care through the eyes of our patients. Each story is as unique as the individuals featured, but each is an image of cancer in our community.

IU Health Cancer Centers Bloomington provides multidisciplinary care, meeting the physical, spiritual and educational needs of the patient and family. We understand that a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event, and we’re working to change lives for the better every day, by advancing the art and science of medicine.

IU Health Cancer Centers Bloomington is more than one building. It is a connection of cancer services for patients throughout south central Indiana, with strong support from the Bloomington Hospital Foundation. It includes the following facilities:

Inpatient and outpatient care at IU Health Bloomington Hospital's main campus (view a floor plan)

In addition, the following elements are key components to the excellent care provided by IU Health Bloomington Hospital Cancer Services:

Cancer Conference 

The Cancer Conference, a weekly gathering of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, and other experts in cancer diagnosis and treatment, discusses patients' cases to determine the best course of action on an individualized basis.

Research and Clinical Trials

Clinical trials often lead to advancements in cancer treatment. IU Health Bloomington Hospital patients have the opportunity to participate in various clinical trials. Our research physicians (called Principal Investigators, or PIs) are members of national cancer groups sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, specifically, the “Radiation Therapy Oncology Group” and the “Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.” As members, these physicians offer patients research opportunities that may benefit their own care, as well as provide information needed to prevent, diagnose, treat cancer, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients in the future.Please contact the IU Health Bloomington Hospital research office to hear about available clinical trials at 812.353.5494.


Surgery is a standard component of many cancer therapies. Board-certified general surgeons and surgical specialists perform inpatient and outpatient procedures to remove tumors. IU Health Bloomington Hospital facilitates 10 operating rooms that function as advanced multipurpose surgical suites. The rooms are staffed by registered nurses trained in operating room practices, certified surgical technologists, and support staff.

Visiting Specialist Service 

For residents in rural counties such as Orange County Indiana, health care access is sometimes limited. Indiana University Health Paoli Hospital, located in Paoli, operates an organized network of visiting specialists. Specifically, medical oncologists visit the facility bi-weekly to provide access to their medical excellence, even for patients living more than an hour away from their main physician office. Referrals may be made through the clinic’s registered nursing staff.