• She Guides 120 Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurses At Methodist


    Jessica Jones’ roster is an impressive one – 120 nurses and 15 support staff. Her team’s mission is a crucial one – care for some of the most critically ill patients at IU Health Methodist Hospital. The 34 beds inside the cardiovascular…  Read More

  • Lung Transplant Joins Two Hearts


    The mailbox. It’s the first thing visitors see when they approach the newlywed’s single-story brick home. Their names are printed on the box “Don and Krystal Smith.” For those driving down the Kokomo side street, the mailbox is…  Read More

  • Love In The Air for LifeLine Crew


    When Jeff Pearson first joined the LifeLine flight crew coworkers were anxious for him to get acquainted with a certain respiratory therapist. That therapist, named Kellie, also remembers coworkers urging her to meet Jeff. Eventually, they joined their…  Read More

  • Trauma Surgeon Dr. McKinley: Would-Be Astronaut, Ironman, Lifesaver


    The town was small. Osage, Iowa. Todd McKinley was the fifth generation to grow up in the county 20 miles from Minnesota. It was the kind of place where teachers taught kids to reach for the stars. Where parents, and grandparents and aunts and uncles…  Read More

  • Learning Curve – A Path To Patient Care


    A couple of years ago, Caleb Ginn, was living at home with his parents, brother and sister; playing video games; sleeping, hanging out with friends and occasionally holding down a job. Now, the 23-year-old is employed by a 360-bed healthcare facility…  Read More

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Nurse Loves to Teach

03/19/2018 | Stories

One of the reasons Patty Brady finds it so easy to encourage new nurses is because she understands the path to earning those credentials “RN” can be tough. She was young – very young when she discovered a fascination with anatomy. She remembers finding a medical dictionary and poring over it for hours looking at diagrams of human muscles, nerves and bones. After high school she took a couple of nursing classes but then she said life got crazy. She got married, had children and became…

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How a Hoops Injury Upended The Career Ladder of a Supply Chain VP

03/19/2018 | Stories

Dennis Mullins never realized that a broken ankle would determine his career path. He was young Air Force noncommissioned officer, in his early 20s. Playing intramural basketball, he pivoted hard on one leg and his ankle snapped Mullins’ days picking supplies in a military medical warehouse were done. After reconstructive surgery on the ankle, he was reassigned a desk job in supply chain informatics. A light went on in Mullins’ head as he learned the end-to-end process of the complete…

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Flu-related Visitor Restrictions To End


Visitor restrictions put in place at IU Health hospitals are coming to an end as flu activity decreases. See list below to know when regular hospital visitation policies will resume at each facility. Check back for the most current information. FACILITY START DATE  END DATE IU Health Ambulatory Surgery Centers Jan. 5  March 19 IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Jan. 2  March 19 IU Health Bedford Hospital Dec. 29  March 19 IU Health Blackford Hospital Jan. 2  March 19 IU…

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Healing Hands Offer Patient Hope

03/19/2018 | ConditionsCancerStories

Nineteen handprints ranging from grandkids to grandparents form a circle of hope for Kristina Knapp. The framed artwork designed from colorful construction paper includes the signature of each family member whose handprint is part of the circle. Knapp’s sister-in-law initiated the artwork, called the “Healing Hands Project.” It was first introduced when Knapp’s father-in-law was diagnosed with melanoma. It later became inspiration for Knapp’s brother-in-law when he battled…

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Cancer Researcher, Specialist: Engineers Connectivity

03/19/2018 | ConditionsCancerDiabetes Endocrinology Stories

He walks into the room, fresh from a lunch at an iconic burger joint where he met with a guy whose name is recognized not only as a former Indianapolis Colts player, but also as someone who is well connected with enterprising people throughout the city. Not surprisingly, Dr. Patrick Loehrer mentions a few more names – not casual acquaintances, but friends. His office inside the Indiana Cancer Pavilion at IU Health is filled with photos of him posing with some of these friends. As a photography…

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