• He Has The Heart Of A Champion


    “A poster child for chronic disease.” That’s how Dylan Deem, 25, once described himself. But there’s more – he’s an award-winning athlete, he’s a college graduate, he’s an author . . . he’s a survivor.…  Read More

  • Bariatric Surgery: The Candidate


    What makes the ideal candidate for bariatric surgery? First comes the terms of insurance. Each insurance company sets specific criteria needed to approve a patient for bariatric surgery. If an individual qualifies, there are other aspects that doctors…  Read More

  • How a Robotic Arm Freed Lisa Foster’s Brain


    The first time Lisa Foster felt wobbly she brushed it off. “I just thought I was tired,” the Haubstadt, Indiana resident recalls. But after more bouts of imbalance, a stiff neck and periodic numbness in her face, hands and feet, Foster called…  Read More

  • Patients Are Asking For The Andretti Specialty: A Colonoscopy


    These doctors – these gastroenterologists – they are used to being the physicians with the hardest sell. Spend hours cleaning out your colon. Then, come in for some prodding. It doesn’t sound fun. It doesn’t sound pretty. And it’s…  Read More

  • Lullaby At Methodist? It’s Not A Baby Being Born; It’s Better


    There is no way not to smile when the sweet melody lilts across the speakers at IU Health Methodist Hospital. A baby was just born in labor and delivery. A new life. A sweet bundle of joy. That’s what people in the hospital say when they hear the…  Read More

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They’re In It Together

07/27/2017 | StoriesCancer

On a recent Monday night, Amy Jo Rager and Nicole Mechling sat around a table at a cancer support group listening and sharing stories. There was talk about families, relaxation techniques, and homecare. A passerby might think this was just a half dozen people getting together for dinner in the IU Health Simon Tower at University Hospital. But Mechling’s t-shirt spelled it out for anyone who was curious: “Fighting a brain tumor every day is not a job for the weak.” Rager and Mechling…

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IU Health Leaders Share First Summer Jobs and Lessons Learned

07/27/2017 | Stories

“I was a stock boy at a corner grocery in Knightstown, Indiana. Ultimately, I learned that my job was more than a job, it was a service. I wasn’t just stocking shelves. I was making sure the store looked appealing and that people found the food items and help they needed.” --Al Gatmaitan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer   “I was a paper boy. What I learned: Have a good partner (my brother) and hold each other accountable. It was miserable delivering…

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Weighing Down: She’s On Her Way

07/26/2017 | Food & DietStories

Five months ago, under the guidance of the staff at IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss, Tiara Jenkins, 25, began taking steps to better health. Doctors determined she was a good candidate for bariatric surgery but first she needed to complete a series of workshops to prepare for the procedure. She also needed to lose weight that would help in her post surgery recovery. When she started the process in February she weighed 445 pounds. As part of the pre-surgery process, Jenkins meets monthly…

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It’s Just What They Do

07/25/2017 | Stories

There’s a stack of notes on the corner of Nancy Verwers’ desk on the fourth floor of the transplant unit at IU Health University Hospital. The notes are from patients and they describe staff members who took care of them. Words like “helpful,” “kind,” “caring,” “efficient,” and “cheerful” are written on the pages. The words don’t surprise Verwers who has served as clinical manger for the past two years. She has worked at…

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Meals By Mail: Can Recipe Delivery Services Help You Eat Healthier?

07/25/2017 | Food & DietHealth & Wellness

Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Home Chef: A stream of meal kits have hit the market (ones that deliver fresh pre-measured ingredients and recipes right to your front door) but while these products may make kitchen life a little easier, how can they affect your health? To get the answer, we asked Beth Kirsch, registered dietitian for Indiana University Health. Here, she offers her expert insights. Plus: You Can Put Yourself on Autopilot “One of the best things about these services is that you don’t…

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