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  • We understand that older adults have unique needs.

    We understand that older adults have unique needs.

    As you age, your body changes in ways that require the care of experts who understand these changes.

Geriatricians are doctors who work with people over age 65. By this age, you may have more than one condition that requires medication or adaptation of some kind. These conditions may interact in ways that other doctors aren’t trained to recognize.

As you get older, your body responds differently to medication, and you may have multiple medications that can interact in harmful ways. Your responses to various therapies may also differ from those of younger adults.

Indiana University Health Geriatrics doctors understand these concerns and have the training and experience to recognize the true needs of their elderly patients. We can provide appropriate care for you, and we can work with your primary care physician and  specialists by coordinating treatments and medications.

Our doctors focus on giving you the best possible quality of life

Our geriatricians have slightly different priorities than doctors trained to treat younger adults. We focus on maximizing your function, not necessarily trying to restore the function of a younger person. In choosing diagnostic testing, we balance the risks of each test with the projected gain from treatment based on the results of that test. We want you in a home environment as much as possible, recognizing that a hospital may not always be the best place for you.

To help you maximize your quality of life, we offer a wide range of medical, surgical and counseling programs, with an emphasis on:

  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Osteoporosis and falls
  • Medication problems or side effects
  • Poor appetite or weight loss
  • Decreased ability to perform daily activities
  • Concerns about current living situation

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We’re building the future

We’re actively involved in educating the next generation of geriatric physicians through our association with Indiana University School of Medicine. We also conduct important research focused on enhancing self-management among vulnerable older adults, with an emphasis on doctor-patient interactions.

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